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Why do we fail? What are the reasons for failure? People of different thinking give different answers to these questions. The fatalist blames lucklessness for his success. A person of weak determination accepts various types of circumstances as responsible. Whereas the determined person considers himself responsible for his success. Normally, human tendency is not habitual to see its own shortcomings, rather it wants to blame someone for every success. Most people are unable to do as much effort and hard work as is required for success, so the number of unsuccessful people is more than successful people.

Whenever success-failure is discussed, due to the high number of unsuccessful people, most things come to a stand on lucklessness. Such people describe situations for their own failure so that luck can be held responsible for success. If you ever look at this point, in such a discussion fewer arguments are made by successful people, they are not actively participated in this discussion, as actively as unsuccessful people, participate in such discussion.

We do not need to deny the power of fate. But to imagine success or failure due to luck, making such an assumption is absolutely irrational and wrong thinking. One should have faith in his efforts. If a hard-working, toiling and determined person fails, then he should analyze his customs and assess his own preparedness from the perspective of others. If this analysis or assessment is done with honesty, then you will have a good knowledge of the causes and factors of your failure.

Reasons for failure

There is also a lack of some major factors or reasons for a person to fail or to deviate from the goal. Some of the major causes or factors leading to failure are:

Failure: Major Causes and Factors

1. Aimlessness i.e. lack of purpose and direction

If you get information about the goals and objectives of the life of most people, then you will find that there is no goal. They have not set any objective of their own or should say that they never seriously considered it. They never thought about what they want in life, what is to be made, what should be their destination?

The tragedy in life doesn’t lie in not reaching your goal. The tragedy lies in having no goal to reach. ~Benjamin Mays

Most people continue to do “aimless work”. No one knows where the work-done without purpose, without a goal, will take you. For success in life, it is necessary that you set your proper goal and use your full potential, ability, and efficiency to achieve that goal.

“The aimless person is like a boat without a rudder, having no direction, no target. Wandering in the sea with gusts of wind is bound to destiny.”

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2. Incomplete preparation

The second reason for failure may be incomplete preparation. If you have completed all the preparations and put your hand in any task, then success can be considered as sure.

Full preparation equals success.

Benefits of completing the preparation

  • To complete the preparations means to do the planned work, due to which the person remains relaxed. Its decision-making ability is correct and quick.
  • If you have prepared fully for success, then you will have no problem in combating the obstacles that come in the way of success.
  • You will be able to take advantage of the opportunities available soon.
  • Complete preparation means being prepared for it even if there is a failure. Failures are small stops on the road to success. Therefore, a person who walks on the path of success with complete preparation is also fully prepared to fight success.
  • Complete preparation means uniting one’s own competence, ability, and efficiency towards the goal set.

In fact, most of the people become pilgrims on the road to success, but they start their journey without preparation, which makes their journey incomplete.

Don’t let lack of preparation be your obstacles to attain success.

If you are starting to climb a mountain, you have no idea what can happen suddenly? The weather can change suddenly, some equipment may be defective, there may be a mistake in your map, you may get hurt. If you have not considered before, prepared for such contingencies, then your chances of achieving success are very less.

It is necessary for success that you do not start any work in haste or suddenly without making any preparations. You work in a planned way.

The more serious you are towards complete preparation under the action plan, the fewer obstacles will be in your path and the closer you will be to success.

Thinking and planning, complete preparation definitely brings success in the work done.

3. Lack of information

If you want to succeed in any field, then you should have complete information regarding that field. Suppose you want to produce a particular type of item, then you need to know many things like the production price of that commodity, the availability of other items like that item in the market, the possible sale of that item, etc. The more real this information is, the greater your chances of success.

The information does not mean that you have all the methodology, production procedures or other technical information, you can get this information by appointing Engineer, Technician. But you should have other information which is mainly related to its economic viability.

Lack of proper information makes your success suspicious.

You must have heard:

A little knowledge is a dangerous thing.

4. Lack of determination

Everyone cherishes the dream of being successful in life. Once everyone starts walking in the path of success, but the most important point for who succeeds is determination.

The biggest reason for the failure of most people is the lack of determination. A successful man is the one who constantly moves without stopping in the people walking on the path of success.

One whose determination is unwavering is not satisfied until he achieves his goal.

Determination is the first condition of success. It is not possible to proceed on the thorny path of success without determination. With determination, it is very important to have courage and confidence in you or you can also say that confidence, courage, and determination are the companions of each other.

It is true that many obstacles come in the way of success, but all those obstacles are dwarfed by the determination of the person. The person who lacks determination walks a few steps in the path of success. But later he sits down exhausted and escapes. Lack of determination may be one of the reasons for failure.

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5. Lack of continuity

Perseverance is necessary for success. It is absolutely true to say that continuity is the key to success. What is perseverance really? The meaning of continuity is to keep striving for the goal until we get success. This means that even if we fail, it is inevitable to try again and keep doing until we are successful.

It is a harsh truth that every successful person has faced failures many times in their life, but without losing, they continued to achieve their goals and one day they succeeded. It can be understood very easily that if you are trying to achieve a goal and after trying once or twice, you do not get success, what will you do?

You can do only two

  • One- You will give up your efforts, if you do, it is impossible to achieve the goal. You will stay where you are. The result – You succeeded. (A Quitter never wins)
  • Two-You will continue your effort, you may fail again. But if you continue your efforts to achieve the goal, then you are likely to succeed. While trying again, analyze the reasons for your failures very seriously and try again with enthusiasm. You can adopt some new technology. You can take any other solution. Just keep on persisting, keep trying, then you will definitely succeed.

You must have heard of Thomas Edison, the inventor of the electric bulb, his experiments failed 10,000 times, but he tried and then eventually succeeded.

Through determination and longing for success, a procrastinator can change himself.

Learn from the ant to always be working, what is laziness, what is the comfort, just keep his work going always.

The success stories of Abraham Lincoln, Marie Curie, Helen Keller, Mario Lemieux are also full of failures. But he was constantly working towards his goal and one day he was successful.

Most of the important things in the world have been accomplished by people who have kept on trying, where there seemed to be no help at all. ~Dale Carnegie

6. Be satisfied with small success

Success is an ongoing process. You set a goal, achieved it and now you stop trying, then your success is incomplete, because

  • You are not making full use of your potential. You can reach higher heights of success, but your apathy and inaction have limited your success.
  • By achieving the goal, which you consider yourself satisfied and successful, that level can also be missed from you. Because the competitor is trying to get to that level by defeating you. Therefore, you have to keep trying.
  • Satisfaction and success are half-sisters. They are not happy to see each other. Where there is satisfaction, there cannot be a success and where there is a success, there will be no satisfaction. A person who has been satisfied with small success gets away from the actual success of the big goals or, say, the success that can be achieved to the best of his ability.

7. Not removing your own flaws

Most people consider other people responsible for their success. Some people attribute odd circumstances to their failure. There are many people who consider their misfortune to be a factor in their failure. There are fewer people who blame their own shortcomings for their success. Every successful person, after failing many times, reaches the point of success. Failure is a common occurrence. But if we learn from failure, it can become the biggest guide for our success.

Failure means some lack in our efforts.

Our failure is the result of our incomplete efforts.

The need is that we should honestly assess our shortcomings and remove them and try again. Will surely succeed. Read: How to do Self Analysis

8. Lack of confidence

Without self-confidence, if we take a step forward in the path of success, then we will be able to increase it with great hesitation and fear. Confidence is the first requirement for success. It is our confidence that inspires us to move forward in the path of success with the necessary courage and determination. Read: Self-Motivation | How to motivate yourself?

9. Negative Thinking

Our behavior and nature also become negative due to negative thinking. Negative thinking shakes our confidence. We lose our faith in our ability. Due to negative thinking, we start seeing every person as a fraud. We see flaws in our every decision. Negative thinking results in failure as a result of every effort. The person becomes pessimistic and fatalistic.

It is important for thinking to be positive. Positive thinking brings excitement to the brain. A person is motivated towards accomplishing his / her goal with enthusiasm, confidence, and determination. Those aspiring for success need to stay away from negative thinking and adopt positive thinking. Must Read: Positive Thinking VS Negative Thinking

10. Lack of self-respect

Self-respect is the inner strength that we do not realize many times. Many times the person himself does not know what he can do. But when he gets a chance, he performs that work in such a great way that people are surprised. There is unique courage in the person. He is filled with indomitable confidence. The self-respecting person executes the task which many skilled, courageous, qualified and efficient people hesitate to perform.

Self-respect is the ultimate essential for success. In which there is a lack of self-respect, he can live a normal life only by flattering. Even if a non-self-respecting person ever reaches a higher position, he only defies the dignity of that post. A non-self-respecting person can never gain real respect for people. He neither can nor does he achieve real success. Lack of self-respect may be one of the main reasons for failure. Read: Self-respect | Self-esteem status

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11. Over assessment of one’s own abilities and qualities

Most individuals make a mistake in correctly assessing their own potential. They overestimate their ability. When the assessment of competence is not correct, then how can the assessment of success be correct?

In one survey, it was found that a person of less merit is highly exaggerated in terms of his own qualifications. Inaccurate assessment of your ability also has an impact on your goals and decisions. You may also have less chance of success if goal setting is not suited to your ability.

People are flattering about the very reason of misestimation of one’s own qualifications. Your friends and brothers put such moments of appreciation on your face that you start thinking of yourself as an ideal, very great and successful person.

We cannot properly assess our own potential. But only an absolute critic can do it properly. Just as overconfidence impedes a person’s success, similarly over-estimating one’s ability is another major obstacle in the path to success. Must Read: How to do Self Analysis

12. Adopting Shortcuts

Success is a process in which both time and energy are appropriated. For lasting success, we need to be positive thinking, planning, setting goals, self-confidence, concentration, determination, and perseverance to achieve the goal with integrity. But we cannot trust Shortcuts to achieve success.

There is no shortcut to success. Yes, some measures can be taken to save time; like-

  • Take advantage of the experiences of such persons when they are working or have done what you are going to do.
  • To get information by reading such magazines or books, in which you have been informed about the problems coming in the future and measures for its prevention.
  • Attending coaching classes where training is given in relation to the relevant work.
  • Adopt such methods for doing some work, which takes less time for that work. It can be a technique or a scientific method. These are some methods of saving time. It can be used, but there are no shortcuts for lasting success. Today’s young man wants to succeed in a hurry. He wants to reach the top directly without climbing the stairs below. For this, he falls into the trough by adopting the wrong shortcuts. He can never get lasting success.

13. Disqualification of appropriate opportunity

Many times in life we ​​get such opportunities which can lead us to the heights of success. Identifying the right opportunity is critical to success. It is said that one thought can change your life. In the same way, where an appropriate opportunity can reach you, it cannot be imagined. If your outlook is positive, your thinking is optimistic, then you are more able to identify such an opportunity. The person must have the readiness to take some risks. In fact, the more excited you are to succeed, the more courage and positivity will be reflected in you. Qualities like positivity, optimism, and courage are essential to identify the right opportunity.

14. Procrastination – Habit of avoiding

Most people are found to be prone to avoidance. A person avoids work without any important reason. Due to this habit, at times, all his routines get strangely cluttered. This messes up your time management. Read more here: How to stop Procrastination?

There are many ways to avoid and delay success, but the most sure-shot way is PROCRASTINATION.

15. Not taking appropriate decisions at the right time

A person who cannot make the right decision at the right time is not possible to succeed. At least it can be concluded that it will take too long to get success. Due to a lack of courage, fear of failure, negativity and pessimistic thinking the person becomes unable to take a decision at the right time. Success in life requires some risk. A person moves forward by taking some risk in business, but this risk should be taken after doing the pre-calculated risk. Such decisions should not be based on mere feelings. Decisions taken in emotion are mostly wrong. Decisions that are taken on a logical basis and at the right time are mostly successful. But decisions that are not taken at the right time will only result in failure.

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16. Lack of complete dedication to success

Dedication is very important for the success of any work in any field. If you are not completely devoted to work, then you are making your success suspicious. Most people do work but they continue to work as a routine. There is no surrender in that work. When the work is surrendered, it becomes excellent. Those who complete a work with complete dedication, then that work is truly excellent and superior. Such people who are devoted to working are always successful. Complete dedication means that you are doing that work well with your mind and body.

Lack of dedication is really an invitation to failure.

17. Being afraid to take risks

Taking risks is a challenging task. To get ahead in life one has to take some risks. In any trade or business, you cannot do anything without taking any risk. Every decision involves risk. Risk can be financial as well as mental.

Risk is an essential requirement for success in life. But it is also important here that the risk you are going to take, it needs to be considered seriously. There is no problem with pre-calculated risk, that is, we calculate the loss and profit of that risk in advance. Doing so is a wise decision. Without thinking, the risk taken in emotion, anger, or excitement is wrong and that definitely pushes you into failure. Pre-considered risk is essential for success. One should have enough courage and confidence to take the pre-calculated risk.

If you do not risk; you will not gain. Success embraces those, who are brave enough to take a risk.

18. Fear of failure

Most people break down in the name of failure, get frustrated, give up their efforts, start thinking of changing their path. Every traveler on the path to success must remember that success is the sum of many failures.

There are many stops of failure in the way of success. The road to success is not smooth, but it is thorny.

When you have started on the path of success. So why the fear of failure? Fear of failure only invites failure.

The best way to get rid of this fear is to go on the path of success with complete preparation, full confidence, and determination. And even if you fail, welcome it, take some lessons from it. Treat failure as a guide to success. Your fear will definitely go away.

19. Being surrounded by negative people

One of the most important reasons for failure. Negative people are people who always discourage you in relation to any of your new ideas. Consult with such people about any great idea, they will tell you a lot of arguments, a lot of reasons regarding the failure of your idea. Such people always have a critical and hopeless attitude.

This type of negative person often gives his opinion to you without asking. He himself has never been successful in his life. Even if success was found, they could not make that success permanent. Such a person has a very eloquent and jealous attitude. It is necessary to maintain a proper distance from such negative persons. It is said that if you sit near a fire, you feel hot.

Negative thinking is also like a contagious disease. Your effort should be to stay away from such persons and to keep yourself free from their influence.

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20. Lack of enthusiasm and courage

Enthusiasm and courage are such internal energy that gives you the power to fight on every difficult path, in every odd situation. Without enthusiasm, you can walk a little distance in the path of success, but the way the car stops when the petrol/diesel ends, your journey will also stop without enthusiasm and courage. There are many obstacles and hurdles in the path of success, which the person encounters with the weapons of his enthusiasm, courage, confidence, perseverance, and determination. A person without enthusiasm is like a corpse. A person without courage is called a coward. Can a coward like a dead person succeed in life? To be successful in life, be alive, be courageous and keep yourself motivated and excited at all times.

21. Dreaming only; Non-implementation

In fact, every person who wants to do something in life has a dream. He puts his everything i.e. body, mind, money at stake to fulfill that dream. There is a lot of difference between a person who has a dream and a person who dreams. The one who has a dream collides with every obstacle, every odd situation, every disaster to turn it into reality. Whereas the one who dreams only turns away in small difficulties.

He who has a dream is the rightful owner of success. He has the quirks to fulfill his dream, the liveliness, the combativeness. But the one who dreams is sleepy, he does not know anything, he is far away from the reality of life. Such a person is not able to succeed, who only dreams. One who is unable to execute them is not even able to walk on the path of success.

Many great people had dreams. Dhirubhai Ambani had a dream, started his life at ₹ 500 and reached the summit. Thomas Edison, the inventor of the electric bulb, used to distribute the paper on the train. Andrew Carnegie started his life at $ 4 a month. George Bernard Shaw spent his early life in great poverty. Michael Faraday’s poverty caused him no schooling. But they all had a dream which they fulfilled even after their odd circumstances and today they are counted among great people.

22. Only luck

Some people are completely fatalistic. They think that whatever is in their destiny, they will get it, so there is no need to work hard or try without reason.

Today man is engaged in conquering earth, sky, and sea. He has been successful in finding medicines for many types of diseases. All this is the result of continuous activity. Success can never be achieved by luck. Cowardly, lethargic and lazy people talk about living with luck.

23. Being afraid to face challenges

Life is the name of a struggle. There are challenges-only-challenges in the way of success. The traveler on the road to success has to face these challenges by laughing. It is said that the one who was scared died. This saying occurs here. If you do not have the courage and the confidence to face challenges, then you are not possible to succeed. The challenges in the path of success teach us a lot and explain to us the true heart of life. Make us aware of our strength and ability.

The challenge is a mirror that shows you your real face, realistic appearance. Challenges make us strong, motivate us to move forward in life. Challenges make our life, struggling, courageous and determined. The person who finds himself unable to face the challenges or is afraid to face the challenges, it is not possible to achieve success.

Life is a challenge, accept it,

Failures will come, prepare yourself.

Fight with all the will and hard work,

Will get success, do it with full devotion.

24. High ambition, weak foundation

There are some people who have very high ambitions, which are very far away. We see big dreams, whose ambitions are very ambitious than reality, it is not a wrong thing to see big dreams, but with that, we should also look at our foundation.

25. Not retrying

Not trying again means that you have given up the idea of ​​being successful or that you are not encouraged to work hard to succeed. Many people go on thinking that they will be successful in the first attempt. Some people may be successful but those who are not successful will have to try again. This effort will have to be done with double enthusiasm, vigor, and confidence after scouring the mistakes made for the first time.

Try, try and try again, till you get success. The second name for success is to strive.

The only way to turn failure into success is to try again.“Those who try never lose.”

This is true, for success one has to keep trying. All the great inventors of today, the secret of their success is to try again. The one who gave up trying has to sit by failing, he cannot get success at any cost.

Successful people take a calculated risk as they pursue different approaches. They have gone through all the choices and painstakingly studied all the details before deciding on the best option.

The above points on “reasons for failure” are generally responsible for the failure of a person. Many reasons are related to each other, but each reason is important in itself. It is indispensable for every aspiring success to know the reasons and factors of failure to move forward on the path of success and ultimately become the winner.

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