Success vs Failure – difference between a successful and a failed person.


Success and failure are virtually inevitable events happening in every person’s life. There is no person who has never tasted failure. Everyone who appears successful at present has succeeded after failing many times. Most people welcome success and despise failure. They forget that failure and success are two aspects of the coin of life. In this article, we will discuss some success vs failure points which creates a difference between a successful and a failure.

Success is born from the womb of failure. Success is the sum of many successes.

A failure establishes only this, that our determination to succeed was not strong enough.

John Christian Bovee

The quotes about doing the right thing are popular only in the virtual world, but very few people practice them in real life.

Passengers of success should make failure a guide rather than the scorn of failure. And proper analysis of the root causes of failure should be done and tried again with full intent. Only then will success succeed you.

There can be many stops of failure on the way to success. But you don’t stay anywhere. Just keep moving forward with the determination to work with full confidence, you will definitely get the floor of success.

The winner always sees support near every trap and a loser always sees a trap near every support. The winner always says, “It may be difficult but it is possible”, and the loser always says, “It may be possible but it is difficult.”

After all, why do some people always succeed?

This is a very esoteric question about which most of the struggling person must sometimes ponder. We have also considered this point and found that people who succeed appear to be just like normal or people who fail. But they have some qualities that help them succeed. This is what makes them different from normal people. Some people understand that people who succeed are intelligent. Socially more popular, they have more energy. Apart from these qualities, some other qualities are also found in those who are successful. With which they control themselves and are able to orient all their powers towards a goal.

Some of the following points helpful for success by reading and collecting information about successful individuals (such as Michael Jordan, Thomas Edison, Eleanor Roosevelt, Henry Ford, etc.) are found. Here are 10 points where successful people and failure people contradict.

Success vs Failure

1. Decision-making ability

Such people do not fail to take decisions immediately. Whether the decision is wrong or right is a different matter. But the condition of decision inferiority will only lead to failure. Fearing or delaying decision-making is a question mark on your decision-making ability.

It is common sense to take a method and try it. If it fails, admit it frankly and try another. But above all, try something.

Franklin Roosevelt

2. Doing Things You May Not Like

This is a very important point. Many of us back off when we have to do something disrespectful. Let’s change our way. Even if that task is going to take us to the door of real success. But successful people do this task repeatedly without hesitation with a happy mind. They have only one goal – success, success, and success. Other things become secondary to them in front of the goal.

3. First of all, do the most important work

Among the successful people, one has to be found capable and able to differentiate between important and less important tasks. Such individuals do not spend energy and time in wasted work or less important tasks, rather they decide their priorities and accordingly set their agenda. They consider very seriously while making their agenda so that time can be utilized to the maximum.

4. Full focus on one task

Another important thing found in most successful people is that they devote their full attention to the completion of any one task with full quality. Their full capacity and energy are just dedicated to that one task.

Such successful individuals do not focus on multi-task at once but keep their full focus on one task. By doing this, not only the work that you focus on is completed with perfect quality at the right time, but the whole work is done in a very stress-free environment. Quality at work proves your superiority.

5. Positive Attitude

Another key feature found in successful individuals is that they have a positive outlook on every point. They also see positive aspects in every failure. He sees positive benefits in every difficulty, every problem. A positive attitude does not disappoint us. And weary without any tiredness, we move forward with full confidence in every adverse situation. Positive behavior and positive attitude is an essential condition of success in life.

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6. Fear of failure

Successful people do not hesitate to ‘fear of failure’ when they do something. Such individuals are rich in indomitable confidence. Their work starts as per the pre-plan and is completed at the pre-determined time. While planning, they consider very seriously and try to assess every good and bad situation. The decisions taken by them are quick and logical.

7. There should always a purpose in life

Successful people carry a purpose in life. Such people are intrinsically strong. They keep their strong desire as their purpose. What do other people think? – They never care. And they do what they want, the purpose they have set. They are motivated by themselves under most circumstances. To achieve their objective, such people work with full enthusiasm, with full dedication, with firm determination and achieve success.

8. Importance of time

Successful people understand the importance of time and its value. Successful people do not waste their time in futile tasks. Some successful people keep themselves bound in more and more rules and regulations in the matter of punctuality. By scheduling time for every task, one leads a very disciplined life. Not every successful person is so disciplined. But most successful individuals fully respect the value and importance of time.

9. An open mind and inner desire to learn

One of the qualities found in most successful people is that they keep their brains open. If they see anything new to achieve their aim/goal, then curiosity is found in such persons to get information about it. Such people are ready and willing to learn new techniques and implement new methods. It means to say that such a person lives life openly. They do not consider the use of modern techniques taboo. Their approach is not conservative.

10. Befriending ‘failure’

The most important feature of successful people is – friendly behavior from failure. Such individuals welcome failure. They do not cry when they fail. Do not get discouraged, but study the cause of failure with great restraint and seriousness. After resolving them, they move forward. Such people go on to make ‘failure’ the ladder of success for their future.

It is a well-known fact that there are many failure-stops in the way of success. There can be some rest at these stops, but your journey should continue continuously. Successful people move forward by making ‘failure’ their guide and partner. One day this failure makes them successful.

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  1. there is nothing like a success or a failure. it’s only the assessment of the many intermediate stopovers leading to the final journey, the last one.

  2. Thank you very much, I have learned a lot of style in approaching issue and solving problem,and also managing my time, getting no fear to do positive things that will make me achieve my goal in time.

    Best regard,

  3. An Example for Success and Failure is Success is about earning and achieving I think that Success tells us how to be respectful and responsible , failure is when you lose and don’t win these 2 teach me to never give up and when I fail to never think I’m a loser still be a success person .

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