How to increase willpower with self-talk?


On September 22, 1862, at the time Abraham Lincoln prepared his Declaration of Independence, he wrote a pledge in his diary that ‘I pledge before God that I shall live by declaring liberty.’ And he declared independence. He had great willpower. In this article, we will discuss “How to increase willpower with self-talk?”

Therefore, it will be very difficult to find such a person who can say with conviction, “Whatever I want to do, I will do what I can do, whatever I must do, and what I can do, That is what I should do. By the grace of God, I will certainly do it. Because I have pledged before God that I will definitely do this work.”

Before making the said vow, Lincoln had some doubts in his mind, his state of mind was uncertain. Perhaps it was his skepticism, which caused him to hesitate. But after this moment, he decided with a full heart that he would not think of anything here and there and would exert his entire power to fulfill this great purpose.

Very few people know how much power is spent in an enthusiastic decision, by repeating the same decision over and over again, to transform their decision into action. Great tasks are completed only when the person who undertakes that task believes that he will complete that task by putting his life at stake.

Self-Talk increase your willpower

A person who repeats constructive determination repeatedly in his mind, then the unwavering faith and power that he awakens, does not change that decision. Because of this belief, that person would have the ability to complete the work. The firmer this self-confidence, the stricter it is, the more success will be achieved. The amount of determination and unwavering faith, the same amount of success will be achieved.

The ball that is released from the cannon does not have that much power, the power is in the velocity with which the ball is thrown. That throwing power makes that shell more deadly.

Some people often say, “If God willed, if in luck.” They do not understand that the words ‘if’, ‘but’ make the will power of man weak. By applying ‘If’, you start expressing doubt in your will power. ‘But’ is just an excuse, to cheat yourself. God always wants humans to do big things. In such a situation, we should not use ‘if’, but. With this ‘day’, the great power that you have to work reduces. Also, read A true story of willpower.

See a Real Example

There was a great musician in New York. He used to train girls for opera. Among his disciples was a girl with great musical abilities hidden. But the girl did not even have self-confidence in her name. The music-teacher counseled him to leave his hesitation, awaken self-confidence and reveal his personality.

For this work, he suggested to her the remedy that she should stand in front of the mirror every day and repeat with full force again and again that “I myself am music. I am the idol of the musical power of God, I am full of vocals, I can do my acting very well, I will enchant everyone while I play my part. I am the best actress, I will make my acting respected and proud.” The girl began to follow her teacher’s words literally.

The girl, who lived hesitantly, shyly, hesitated in front of the people, her self-confidence increased so much that her doubts and suspicions were erased by her teacher’s advice route. His inhibition was overcome. She flashed like lightning at the theater.

When you speak some words aloud, they have a very deep impact on your mind. The words spoken aloud have more clarity provided that they are spoken in a sincere heart. Just thinking in the mind does not have such a profound effect. If you speak those same words with great vigor and enthusiasm with emotion and determination, then there is more hope that you will be able to implement that matter.

Talking to yourself, Making a resolve

Stand up in front of the mirror with a high voice and make a resolution. It is a great measure of self-confidence. Thus giving yourself suggestions, talking with your mind with full enthusiasm, talking to yourself with the truth, is a way by which a person can awaken the power hidden in his unconscious mind. Just thinking does not generate as much power, as it gives to your soul by giving suggestions and vows.

Everyone knows that if they are resolved to complete a task with full enthusiasm, then pride grows amazingly. When you revisit your determination, the powers of the unconscious mind become fully active. Then you will have knowledge of your true form. You will be able to grow it immensely. Then these powers will make you do amazing things.

If you are hesitant in your nature, you do not know the art of making friends, think of yourself as a lousy man, do not consider yourself as good, as you should, then decide today that you will change yourself. Do not let this thing come in your mind while making self-talk from today that people are laughing at you. Do not panic.

Think of yourself as the best person, behave best. Then who dares make fun of you. You address yourself, ‘I am a great man, I am a virtuous person, I am the best creation of God. Why did I consider myself inferior? What am I short about? I can do all the things that other people can do. The goal of my life is to become a complete human being. If I can face every situation, then why should I accept defeat?’

Final Words

If you cannot make a quick decision regarding a task, if you are in a dilemma, then stand firm in the privacy and say to your mind (self-talk), “My mind? Make a quick decision. Quit the habit of dilemma. From today I will not let this go on. “

Make sure today that you will do the work at such a speed that no one doubts about your qualifications. You have pledged to do some difficult task, even if it seems impossible, but you have the responsibility to do it, then move to a secluded place. Start a conversation with yourself, but like a friend and a friend who has a sense of direction.

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