True Story of Strong Willpower

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Victory is possible only with a strong will

Nothing is possible without will power. On the strength of strong willpower, a person can make the impossible possible. Many such examples will be found in history when people often did impossible tasks on the strength of strong will.

A person desires to achieve a lot in this world, but in the absence of a strong will, he is unable to make proper efforts. Hence, he has to face defeat. Many people curse fate for their failure/defeat. Some people become content with only a little success and do not make further efforts. High-level success, complete victory requires strong willpower.

A true story of strong willpower

In the year 1883, an engineer named John Rambling came up with the idea of ​​building a grand bridge connecting New York and Long Island in America. When he talked to other engineers about this, he made fun of rambling and tried to convince him not to do such stupid work. Everyone said that it is impossible to build this bridge. John Rambling did not agree with this, his heart said that he could definitely build this bridge. He somehow got his stubborn son Washington ready to build the bridge. Both father and son, one by one, prepared hundreds of maps of this bridge and proceeded to find a solution to every disruption in this work.

With extraordinary enthusiasm and dedication, he got involved in this challenging and almost impossible task. The work was going on well. A few months later, John Rambling died in a tragic accident at the construction site. His son Washington suffered some such shock that he was no longer able to walk and talk. People started talking about him in various ways. Nobody praised his courage, other engineers said that now the work should be stopped.

Washington did not get discouraged even after physical incapacity. Even after being crippled, he was able to fulfill his father’s dream with double enthusiasm and dedication. His body was destroyed. While lying in his room in the hospital, a wonderful thought flashed in his mind, he shook his finger and found a way to communicate with his wife. He would tell his wife what the engineers should do with a twitch of a hand. At this stage, work resumed somehow, and for the next 13 years, Washington continued to give instructions by pointing his fingers at his wife’s arm. Eventually, the pool was formed.

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Today, the magnificent ‘Brooklyn Bridge’ enchants the viewer with its grandeur and workmanship. He tells us that every situation is defeated in the face of indomitable will and perseverance. At the same time, he also tells us about people with life whom the world considers crazy. He also tells the story of love and dedication for her husband to the woman who, for years, with her finger snatching the messages of her disabled husband on his arm, kept telling the engineers what to do.

This true story, on the strength of indomitable will (strong willpower), gives the message of making the impossible possible. In our daily life, we face many minor obstacles and problems. Instead of fighting them, we sit quietly and give up. There are millions of people in the world who have won their victory over them with very severe and difficult difficulties. A person with an indomitable or strong willpower, willingness to pursue his dreams with dedication and hard work, cannot defeat luck either.

Second Story of Strong Willpower

The inspiring story of Mahadev Deka is one of those who won on the strength of indomitable will, there is evidence of having achieved anything on the strength of will.

In Assam (India), a person named Mahadev Deka was trying to earn his name in bodybuilding. He suddenly underwent a heart operation (open heart surgery) in 2002. He kept resting for three months. His desire was to hoist the Indian flag across the world in bodybuilding. One day he felt that he was healthy, he contacted the doctors. The doctors examined him, and found that he was completely healthy, he was allowed to exercise.

Mr. Deka worked very hard and was determined to register his victory in the World Championship. He was elected Mr. Universe at the World Championship in Fridge. It was a day of glory not only for Assam but for the whole country, India.

Mahadev was asked that when his heart was operated, was he disappointed that he would never be able to become a world champion now? Mahadev responded by saying something like, “No, I was determined that no matter what I do, I want to become a world champion. I was full of confidence. As I exercised, I was filled with excitement and I thought I was going to be Mr. Universe. “

Mr. Deka says that one who has strong willpower, perseverance, hard work and trust in God is always victorious.

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