How to set a Smart Goal? Goal Setting


Goal setting

Without aiming or smart goal setting, the person wanders here and there. Until you know what your destination is? What do we want to achieve? What is your aspiration till then, the effort you put in is like a boat without knowledge. The sailor of such a boat just keeps going on the hull. He does not know where he reached or came back from where he had gone.

Goals are the fuel in the furnace of achievement.

Brian Tracy

How to set Smart Goal?

What do you mean by a Smart Goal?

SMART GOAL means your Goal should be:
1. Specific (clear & well defined)
2. Measurable (measurable in data or numbers)
3. Attainable (there should be a hope of achieving)
4. Relevant (should be in direction of your career)
5. Time-Bound (must have a deadline)

Why your goal should be small?

We believe that if possible, small goals should be set instead of the last big goal. Suppose you want to give two years to achieve a big goal, and then you should set a target for 6–6 months and self-assess and review the problems and difficulties in achieving these goals. Analyzing, reviewing your efforts, and knowing your shortcomings are extremely helpful in achieving the next goal.

Only after setting his goal, a person starts seriously trying to achieve that goal. Many people, with a big goal in front of them, push themselves with full dedication to achieve that goal. Many of these people also achieve their goals, while some fail.

Keep one thing in mind, it is a practical thing that the goal should be in line with your ability, it does not mean that we cannot increase our ability. An increase in your ability can be done, but for this, you need to make decisions concerning the means. Another important point is that the bigger your goal, the more hard work you have to do, the more effort should be made to achieve the larger goal.

Importance of Goal Setting

Why you should set goals?

  • Only after setting the goal, you start to use your ability in a certain direction to achieve that goal.
  • Setting goals gives you the motivation to work in a certain direction.
  • Goal setting means that you have the will and confidence to achieve that goal.
  • Only after setting the goal, you introspect, prepare yourself for that goal and after disciplining yourself, you are on the path of achieving the goal.
  • After setting goals, you make a plan very wisely, diligently, with dedication and dedication to achieve that goal.
  • Achieving goals increases your self-confidence increases self-esteem and builds confidence in your ability. A flame of more struggle awakens in you.

Set the goal, go-ahead

Sometimes aimless people run here

And sometimes run there.

Therefore, goal setting is very important; it is an important milestone in the path of victory.

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