Positive Thinking VS Negative Thinking


We cannot always think positive. But we should try to be positive towards our goal. We will discuss here positive thinking vs negative thinking.

Positive thinking is important for victory

Positive thinking (also read Wikipedia Definition) is a state of mind, attitude, and thoughts. Our positive attitude drives us towards development. It motivates us to move forward, and forward. Individuals of positive thinking move towards new highs in life. There is an immense success in his life, countless ‘victories’ and a very happy atmosphere all around. Individuals of positive thinking find the reason for satisfaction even in adverse circumstances. Positive thinking always hopes for good results. Your behavior is moderate due to positive thinking.

Just as hard work, ability, and better functioning are required to win; similarly, you need positive thinking to be confident of winning.

A person of negative thinking cannot work hard and he is surrounded by stress due to a small problem. Even in some trouble, he starts seeing his ruin. The person of negative thinking sees despair and failure all around.

The thinking of a person plays a very important role in making his personal and public life smooth. Most people are surrounded by negative thinking and most people do not believe in themselves. They are enslaved to the circumstances and fail in their own lives and also take part in preventing others from moving forward.

Stay away from negative thinking people

How negative thinking leads us to failure?

As we all know about the pros of positive thinking and cons of negative thinking. See this story about how negative thinking ruins our lives.

Once, in a village, the children of class eight of the school started feeling ashamed to climb the top of the mountain. Ten children agreed to the condition. As soon as the children started climbing, other children said that they cannot climb this high hill. You will feel thirsty. There is a dense forest ahead. The stones are soaked in rain, they will slip. The children who climbed on hearing such things kept getting desperate and nine children stayed in the middle. A child went on and came back safely too. Everyone wanted to know the secret of his success. It turned out that the child was deaf.

This story is very inspiring. People with positive attitude appear confident and alive. Their mental level is higher and optimistic than normal people.

How positive thinking make your life easy?

Once Swami Vivekananda, passing by an under-construction temple, asked an artisan working there, “Brother! What are you living? His answer was, “Working as a donkey”.It doesn’t look like I am working like a donkey this summer. “Swami Vivekananda smiled and walked away from there. He asked another artisan,” Brother! What are you doing? He said, “Swami Ji, by the grace of God, I am giving my paltry contribution to the construction of this magnificent temple. I am very fortunate that I got the privilege of working here.” In this way, how negative was the thinking of the first man, while the other person was very happy doing his work due to positive thinking. Your thinking affects your stage and your behavior leads you to new heights in life. Positive thinking is very important for victory.

We must not share our dreams with negative people, not feed your dreams with negative thoughts.

That is, “Do not share your dreams with negative people, nor let negative thoughts come in between your dreams.”

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