What is a success? Success definition or Success meaning?


What is the meaning of victory? Success definition

“Victory” is a very wide-ranging term. The meaning of victory lies in the defeat of someone, i.e. ‘victory’ is relative, someone will lose, only then will you win. In the present context, victory can be considered synonymous with success. The way your victory depends on someone’s defeat, similarly success is not absolute in the present, but it is relative. Success means moving beyond your friends, relatives, people in the same industry and business. Success or victory means achieving superiority over others. It should be well understood that in the present perspective, success does not mean to be superior, but to be superior to others.

It is only a precept that we should welcome the success of others. Who wants the other person to move on? No one wants to embrace defeat. Who doesn’t want to win always?

At some point, we are hurt by finding others superior to ourselves, so we say that success is relative.

If the achievement of a goal is a success today, then this goal is set only in the context of another person/organization/institution/community/business/industry, etc. Achieving a will be considered a success only when others under similar circumstances could not reach that goal and you have achieved that goal.

Is success a one-time goal?

Many times, you have come across this question. Goals keep changing, when the goal is changeable, it is better for us to consider success as a one-time goal. Success is a continuous process that, under changing circumstances, is variable according to the changing environment.

Does success mean earning money?

Many people say that the person who has made money or who is today in the number of rich people in society is successful. It is not true. Today, can we call every rich person a successful person? You may know many such people, who are very rich, but you hate them, you think they are enemies of humanity. Thus, earning money should not be synonymous with success.

In this context, you should also consider the point that by looking at a rich person, we can consider him successful, we think he can be successful, but does he consider himself successful? Wealth is such an object, whose lust, desire, and wealth increase with the progress of wealth. The rich person is always anxious to become richer.

  • What is a success then?
  • Who would we consider successful?
  • Who is successful?
  • Is success the key to happiness or happiness is the key to success?

It is very difficult to define success in a few words. If a person is satisfied or happy with the work he is doing, he is successful. Success is variable, what we have considered success today, its criteria will change tomorrow. Success has always been judged in terms of relativity. The victory means being more successful than others.

This article “What is a success? Success definition or Success meaning?” can only be the writer’s view. There can be no precise definition of success. It is a matter of understanding.

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