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Is there any way a person can be consistently successful? What are the things in which any person can continuously achieve so much success that to become successful becomes a habit? Yes! Such a method exists that you can become successful and make a habit of being successful not only once but thousands of times. In this article, we will discuss the phases of success.

Phases of Success

To be successful, you have to know the 5 phases of success. So let us know about those five steps in which you can achieve success by following.

Goal Setting

People who work without goals in life are always away from success. While the truth is that kind of people never think what they have to do? According to the survey conducted at Harvard University, the students who set their goals achieve their destination very quickly because they know which path they have to go to.

If success is a plant, then the goal is oxygen.

  • The goal makes you concentrate
  • It is the measure of your progress
  • The goal won’t let you wander
  • It will inspire you
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Struggling Phase

After setting the goal, your phase of struggle begins. You work with your full power and dedication to achieve the destination you have set. This is the period in which a person assesses his own potential. This is a period in which a person assesses his own will power, ability to work hard and his own qualities. In this phase, a person has knowledge of his own shortcomings and inefficiencies.

What happens is that the person sets the target with great enthusiasm. He thinks with great enthusiasm and gaiety that he will achieve this goal in every situation. But when it comes to the phase of struggle and the opportunity to assess one’s own qualities, one knows where it is. The task which he considered very easy, he finds it very difficult. Some people are seen trying very seriously, very disciplined, during the initial few days of struggle. But later they become completely passive and sit down indifferent to their goal-setting campaign.

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This is a time of coping with difficulties and problems. This phase requires a lot of self-confidence and a strong will. This is a period when you have to be patient, to be very disciplined. Do not panic with the difficulties faced in this period. You have to move forward optimistically from a positive perspective. Do not let small failures distract you, take care of it. On the victory path, a defeat occurs many times. But he who is defeated and sat down can never become a winner.

If you read the biography of Abraham Lincoln, it looks more like a loser than a winner. But Lincoln never gave up the courage and one day he became the ‘winner’, creating history. Today, he is recognized as the main source of inspiration for a person who is depressed in the era of success.

This phase of struggle is a criterion in which you test yourself and improve yourself. This period is a great period to improve oneself, to refine oneself, to test oneself and to introspect.

Victory phase

The third phase of success is a victory phase. This is the time when you have reached the goal set. In this phase, you are full of joy and confidence. You are proud of your own ability. This round is about being happy, proud, like a winner. Winning is an important milestone in life, which is not accidental. It requires a lot of sacrifice and penance.

One must celebrate his victory. Celebrating means not sharing publicly with any party, etc., but sharing the experiences related to the problems you face along the way to your ‘victory’ and resolving them with your own special friends and family. This celebration inspires you to move forward. Congratulations to friends and family inspire you to achieve higher goals.

In this brilliant and joyful period, you find yourself full of confidence. You have the desire to do something bigger. This winning phase inspires you to achieve even greater goals.

Winning streak

This is a very important phase after winning. The importance of “maintaining the victory” in life is more important than victory.
We like to climb up to a height, but if we have to get below that level, then a very painful situation is created.

You have crossed a level with a lot of dedication and hard work. Has recorded a win. Now your effort should not only be to maintain that level but to reach new heights.

Remember !!!
Success is a continuous journey, not a destination, in which the traveler moves forward. Sitting tired or content is not a success. Unless you are motivated to touch new heights, there will be a fear of losing your height. Therefore, it is necessary that you maintain your will power to progress further. Remember, in this age of competition every person wants to outdo another. Like you, your rivals are also looking forward to touching new heights. You have to be alert, motivate yourself to move further. The level that you have attained, it remains intact in every situation, for this, it is necessary to constantly strive.

Resetting Goal

The last phase of success is re-targeting. The success you have achieved is very important. You feel proud of your victory, it’s a good thing. But as we have clarified, the period of success is a period that constantly seeks your attention. Many people, after touching a peak, become content and become inactive. Such people lag behind others after a few days. Success is not a destination, re-determine your goal ahead of others and start efforts to achieve that goal, get ready.

Collect all your powers, abilities and become ready to achieve that goal. The same round will begin again. The stages of victory will remain there, but the destinations will vary. The struggle will continue. The victory will be recorded again and the goal will be re-determined. This is the way to ultimate victory.

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