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How much self-motivation is necessary? Every person has certain desires in life. Individuals also try to fulfill them, but most people, after a little effort, sit idle. They are unable to continue their efforts so that they do not succeed in achieving the goal of fulfilling their desires. Have you ever thought that one important reason for being able to achieve your goals in a short time is to be self-motivated? They live their lives to fulfill their aspirations and succeed. In this article, we will discuss “How to motivate yourself”.

A 13 years old girl created history

We all need to learn from the success of self-motivating Malavath Purna. 13-years-old Malavath Purna, who belongs to the tribal community of Telangana (India), created history by hoisting the flag on the top of Everest from 25 May 2014. Purna, studying in 9th grade at the Social Welfare Residential Education School in Andhra Pradesh, has proved that – a human being is such a creature that nothing can stop him from being successful if he is determined in his mind. A farmer by profession, laborer father M. Devidas, and mother M. Lakshmi’s courageous daughter Purna proved at the age of 13 that, “If a goal is set in life, it is a sincere effort to achieve it.” If you go, you will get success. “

Motivation is really an internal force, an internal charge, which motivates us to do something, to move forward, to work hard. It is an inner passion, which gives us the energy to do something unique. Being self-motivated, we are ready to move forward even in adverse circumstances. To move forward in life, to do something unique, to move away from something. To reach the peak of success, it is very important to be self-motivated.

People who are unable to motivate themselves must be content with mediocrity, no matter how impressive their other talents are

Andrew Carnegie


Key elements required for self-motivation

Here are some key elements for self-motivation. Read these and get an idea of how to motivate yourself.

Confidence in one’s own abilities

The greatest requirement for being self-motivated is that one should have full confidence in one’s own abilities and abilities. This belief motivates a person to move forward automatically. No matter how many sermons, assurances, or guarantees you give to a person who does not believe in himself, he will not be willing to work hard. On the contrary, the person who has confidence in his own ability, tells him about any number of odd situations that come in his way, he is ready to face every trouble by laughing, and finally, get the victory.

Believe in a bright future

The pessimist always has a fear of failure. He sees a loss in every task. A pessimist is afraid to take any decision. He sees the loss of himself and the benefit of others in every piece of advice and suggestion. Whereas an optimistic thinking person sees positivity and success in every task. He does everything with full faith and enthusiasm. His way of thinking is to achieve very positive and definite success.

He does not hesitate to make a decision. His decision is quick and one step ahead towards the goal. An optimistic person has faith in his bright future and this belief motivates him to work hard, innovate, to achieve his goal. People of optimistic thinking are motivated and are entitled to success.

Proper target

If your goal is outside of your ability, then you automatically become frustrated and inactive. This means that the goal should not be impossible. If you achieve the goal set within the first time, within your reach, then you are automatically motivated to achieve a bigger goal.

If a poor person aims to become a millionaire, attainment seems possible. If he aims to become a billionaire in the beginning, then this goal will be considered out of reach at the beginning. If he starts his endeavor by dividing the goal of becoming a billionaire into three parts, then achieving every goal will motivate him to move forward.

Another thing to keep in mind is that your goal should be clear.

Positive environment

For a person to be inspired, a positive environment is very important. The attitude of those you work with should also be optimistic and positive. They should believe in your ability. Your partners should not be negative. People of negative thinking are pessimistic. Not only do they themselves fail in life, but they also create obstacles in the way of the success of others. Such people give their opinion, their suggestions without asking. In a positive environment, individuals inspire each other with team spirit and support each other. They reach the pinnacle of success by consulting each other, finding solutions to each problem. Therefore, the environment around you plays a very important role in being self-motivated.

I can say this with surety that you can alter your life, by simply altering your attitude and your approach to the problems that come across your path.

Have faith in yourself, and tread the path fearlessly nothing stay in your way to success. I know, I shall have a great future, so I am trying to make it happen.

How to motivate yourself?

Positivity is spread all around, notice it and motivate yourself. Remember these 10 points on self-motivation.


  1. The clock in the room states that – Time is precious. Use the time well. Be happy, think something good, do something good because this time will not come back.
  2. The calendar of the rooms states that – Keep yourself updated. Read something new every day and learn something new. In the future, a lot of work will come into your life and will be helpful in achieving the goal.
  3. The mirror of the room says that – See your own shortcomings, accept them, improve them, and move forward in life. Never lie to yourself.
  4. The open window of the room says – Keep your mind open. Let good thoughts and good knowledge come.
  5. The closed window of the room says that – For bad thoughts, for negative thinking, close the windows of your brain so that it doesn’t enter your mind and make it messy.
  6. The door of the room says that – Keep yourself healthy and do not let the disease enter your body. Only then you can achieve the goal of your life.
  7. The fan of the room says that – Keep yourself cool and then take life decisions.
  8. The candle of the room says that – Make yourself useful like lighting a candle completely and gives light to everyone.
  9. The bird sitting outside the room says that – Always smile. Do not find a reason to be happy. Do what you think makes you happy.
  10. The bulb of the room says that– Sharing knowledge will give you happiness and whatever you have more than the need, give it to the needy, you will get the ultimate happiness.

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