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MS Dhoni‘s success is an example in itself. The success story of Mahendra Singh Dhoni is a wonderful inspiration for us. Every Indian loves him as a successful captain. But do you know that Mahendra Singh Dhoni’s success extends far beyond this? Let us try to understand some aspects of his success:

Few points on Mahendra Singh Dhoni Success

Great Brand Manager with Great Captain

To understand how to elevate your brand value with great sports, no one is better than Mahendra Singh Dhoni. There are frequent reports of many such players in India. In these reports, it is said that despite the player being good in his game, he remained financially strapped. All such players should look at Mahendra Singh Dhoni once.

Anyone can say anything, but society does not accept you as successful until you have achieved commercial success along with your work.

MS Dhoni proved this fact in front of the whole world. According to Forbes magazine in June 2015, Mahendra Singh Dhoni was the only Indian to feature in the list of the wealthiest 100 players in the world. In this, Dhoni’s occupation of the 23rd position strongly tells the MS Dhoni’s success story.

Changed the way people think about sports

There are certainly many aspects to this changed ‘thinking’. Earlier cricket was reserved for the players of big cities in a way but a big change has occurred in the game by Mahendra Singh Dhoni who came from a small town. Now not only in cricket but in every game, the difference between big cities has reduced considerably. A big credit can be given to MS Dhoni.

Distance from disputes

However, there were several attempts to drag MS Dhoni into controversies, such as a dispute with Sourav Ganguly, Virender Sehwag, and Yuvraj Singh! Similarly, his name was also linked with the controversies of BCCI’s chief N Srinivasan and his team Chennai Super Kings in IPL. Despite all this, Mahendra Singh Dhoni stayed away from unnecessary disputes! Dhoni has also made the name of cricket called “Gentleman’s Game” meaningful. As a captain, MS Dhoni’s amazing record tells you a lot and this is possible. Because MS Dhoni has tried his best to stay away from controversies.

Away from Evils

It is said that it is difficult to climb to height, but it is harder to stay at that height! Of course, our country is moving forward in the world of sports, but how should our brand be managed by staying away from disputes, away from factionalism, avoiding wasteful evils (drugs, etc.). In this field, Dhoni has done the work of guiding the players in every field. Those people who get a little fame, wealth get lost, while Dhoni kept his feet on the ground despite being at the height of wealth and fame!

Nothing without struggle

The film ‘MS Dhoni: The Untold Story’ on MS Dhoni’s life came. In which it was shown that his life was not so successful from the beginning, but he struggled long for it.

How a middle-class boy wanders off his path by getting involved in the rounds of jobs and livelihood, but with the great dedication he can also come back, this is beautifully depicted in MS Dhoni’s biopic. Many players will come and go in Indian cricket, but in all formats of cricket, Dhoni has unquestionably kept the Indian cricket team top. He will continue to challenge the upcoming cricket players and captains for a long time!

Support to prepare future leadership

Mahendra Singh Dhoni made a statement after his retirement that “he waited for Virat Kohli to prepare as a captain and then took retirement.”. Dhoni’s statement touches the hearts of those who understand. Where people consider sticking to the chair, right after death, and Mahayodha like Dhoni find the way to the future under his leadership.

The good thing is that after leaving the captaincy, Mahi (Mahendra Singh Dhoni) has expressed his desire to play in the captainship of the 2019 World Cup Kohli. Otherwise the senior under the leadership of junior, he also played big names like Dhoni, such instances are rarely seen.

Perhaps the thinking behind this is that if the new captain gets enough time to prepare for the World Cup. Then MS Dhoni has left the option of keeping his detailed experience available according to the plan of the new captain!

Unwavering trust in the team

If you work alone then you cannot do big work. If Mahendra Singh Dhoni and Sachin Tendulkar are compared, then Sachin may have been a great player, but he would be grateful to MS Dhoni himself for achieving World Cup success in his cricket career. Apparently the success of the World Cup in various formats is not even of Dhoni alone but of the team, he has developed.

Must Read:

If you mention a few sentences for how much Dhoni trusts the team, then remember when in the 2007 World T20 final, Mahendra Singh Dhoni got the last over from Joginder Sharma instead of Harbhajan Singh.

Similarly, in the league round of the same World T20 Cup, India’s match against Pakistan was tied and the match was to be decided by ball out. Here, Pakistan chose regular bowlers while Dhoni played part-time bowlers like Virender Sehwag and Robin Uthappa besides Harbhajan Singh and won the match.

Likewise, despite being a specialist batsman, Dhoni used Yuvraj as a regular bowler in the 2011 World Cup and was able to surround the opponents with this bet. With the confidence of Dhoni, Yuvraj took 75 overs in 9 matches and took 15 wickets, then he took two wickets in the quarter-finals, semifinal and final.

Similarly, in the 2011 World Cup, Dhoni kept Suresh Raina and R Ashwin hidden in the opening matches and used them as a ‘surprise package’ in the knockout round which benefited Team India in the quarter-finals against Australia and the semi-final against Pakistan.

Dhoni’s story of trusting his team is endless and he, like the ‘Milestone’, continued to exert his energy to refine the young players! Dhoni also showed confidence in the players who were not successful or were not successful immediately.

For example, fast bowler Ashish Nehra did not prove to be effective in the opening matches of the 2011 World Cup, but Dhoni gave him a chance in the semi-final match against Pakistan. Nehra also proved to be successful against Australia.


Obviously, if there are so many qualities within a single-player, only then can he achieve the feat of success both inside and outside the field. If we can implement some of these qualities of Mahendra Singh Dhoni, then we will be able to bring revolution in our lives, there are no two opinions about this!

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