How to do Self Analysis


Do self-analysis to win

Analysis means knowing oneself, knowing one’s own weaknesses. Honestly analyze your own deficiencies responsible for your defeat/failure. Here, we will discuss some important points on “how to do self-analysis”.

Most individuals resolve to win, make love. If they fail, they sit down desperate. Blame fate for their defeat/failure or accept the circumstances or a particular person responsible for their defeat, but how responsible they are for this defeat, what mistakes they themselves have made, themselves by their victory. What was the lack of preparation taken? He does not assess it, analyze it.

For his victory, success remains doubtful with unplanned effort. It is impossible to score a win with effort without complete dedication.

Importance of Self-Analysis

We see the dream. It is not a wrong thing to dream. But to change these dreams into reality, we are left behind in the fight, vigor, hard work, intensive and continuous effort that is needed. Additionally, we blame our defeat on others and consider it appropriate to hold someone else responsible for our success.

We do not benefit from doing so. In this way, we do not remain honest with ourselves. We ourselves confirm our defeat. The steps of defeat come in the way of ‘victory’. If you analyze the causes of defeat with complete honesty and proceed by disposing of these reasons, then these steps of defeat will take you to the door of ‘victory’ and you will be able to embrace victory. Therefore self-analysis is of utmost importance for victory.

How to do self-analysis?

Analyze your mistakes so that they do not recur. It is normal to make mistakes on the way to victory. The mistake is made by the one who wants to do something; But for success, it is necessary to analyze your mistakes. The purpose of the analysis is to avoid the repetition of mistakes. For this, you can adopt the following methods.

Remember the mistake

First of all, define the mistakes made by yourself correctly. Understand what is the nature of the mistake you made? What is the reason for the mistake? Our memory is very weak. So find a way to not forget the mistakes you made. You should note such mistakes in a diary and think about them seriously so that those mistakes remain in the brain and we should not repeat them.

Accept the mistake

You should accept the mistakes made by you with full honesty and a positive attitude. Honestly assess your own shortcomings, your own mistakes, and your bestowals by not using anyone else for your failure. Your thinking will prevent you from repeating the mistakes made.

Be aware of mistakes

Keep yourself so alert that you do not make mistakes. You should not let the problem arise instead of solving the problem. Your effort should be that there is no mistake. This does not mean that forgetting is an unusual thing, or that forgetting means failure. In fact, mistakes are a common thing on the road to success. The more aware you are about it, the more it will decrease.

Correct it immediately

The last, but most important point is, do not delay in correcting it in case of a mistake. In such a situation, it is more appropriate to proceed immediately by correcting the mistake than starting from the beginning. Take the initiative to correct your mistake immediately. Understand it well that there will be a mistake, but the sooner you solve your mistake, the closer you get to the ‘victory’. Mistakes are a common occurrence in the road to success, but how do you deal with this event? 80% of success depends on the ability to take this decision.

Rise above average to win

To win we need to be better. Better means we are better than others, ie rise above the average person. Try to improve yourself. Assess yourself compared to others. In war, victory is the only one who can make himself superior to others. Your hard work, passion to work, desire to succeed, etc. should be so that other people cannot reach you.

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The desire to be the best means to prepare oneself to work hard according to the best. Many people walk with a big goal in front, but their effort is not in line with that goal. Make a habit of hard work, do not let time go to waste. We know many such people, who cry for lack of time. But if they look at their routine, they waste their time excessively. This is the behavior of an average person. You have to rise above the ‘average’.

You will also be familiar with many such people, who lose their temper and face stress under the slightest problem. In anger, they abandon the work they dreamed of completing. It is not that they lack strength or they do not have merit. But due to their own habits, patience, lack of practical knowledge, etc., they fall prey to goallessness. And they go astray due to directionless. The intention to improve oneself is to improve oneself in every field.

Through hard work, it can be possible to increase your ability by conquering your weaknesses and bad habits. The average person lives a simple life. He neither craves to win nor wishes to win, he does not even have the will required to become a winner. You have to rise above the average if you want to win.

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