How to choose a career? Scope of work


Scope of Work

Everyone wants to be successful in life, but everyone’s interests and scope vary. Anyone has acquired any job according to his interest, but it is a well-known fact that 75 percent of working people around the world are not happy with their current job. This makes choosing a career the most important and possibly the most difficult decision in life. Let’s see how to choose a career.

But the question arises, how to decide in which field you can be happy by achieving success? Nowadays, new works and fields are developing. Many options are open to the person, but still, it is not easy to choose the right option. If you are feeling incapable of choosing a career, do not panic. If you pay attention to some specific facts then you will see how you will find yourself empowered by reaching a decision on your own.

Choosing Career

You can get success many times in the beginning. But it should not be forgotten that if you were not successful in making the right plan, then how would you get success? In today’s era, you will find many ways to choose the career of your choice. You can handle family business. All these are the primary options before you. You will not have to think much – think or understand, and you will get guidance easily.

The secondary option you have is that you can choose the appropriate career according to your interest, recognition, and suggestion. Although you may get less guidance in the secondary option, it is not only sensible and rational. Rather, you will be told the ability to become the career of your choice and will be helpful in fulfilling your professional aspirations, then anyone can carry forward the tradition of family or loved ones. But life is considered successful only by those who do something different.

In recent years, sociologists and psychologists have been categorizing various jobs at different levels. The employment level is the method of evaluation of any employment. The level of employment requires skill and knowledge. In any field in which you want to make a career, you should understand whether your inclination is the same or not? There may be different levels of employment or career. Which level you want to adopt depends on your ability and inclination. Before knowing how to choose a career, let’s see the levels of employment.

Levels of Employment

First Level: Minimum Skill Jobs

Careers, shop assistants, waiters, etc. fall into this category. Therefore no specific educational qualification or training is required for such jobs. Training is available only during work, but the need for understanding is also necessary for this field. The work is not big or small if one can. If for some reason you are not able to study, then by doing such a job you can live comfortably.

Second Level: Skilled Jobs and Trades

Motor mechanic, typist, hairdresser, doing electrical work fitting, etc., market research and call center, etc. are counted in this level. For this kind of work, some training has to be done first.

This training can be taken from ITI or other affiliated institutes and for doing such work, educational qualification is required to be at least inter-passed. You can also click here to see a list of trade schools for various online courses in this regard.

Third Level: Defense Jobs

Government jobs like policemen, soldiers, patwari, etc. fall at this level. Education is also necessary for such government jobs. But along with education, there should be good health, agility, and spirit of society and country. These have special recruitment procedures, which are mandatory to be completed.

Fourth Level: Medical Jobs

Teachers, librarians, audiologists, pharmacists, speech therapists, computer programmers, nurses, human resource managers, biologists, industrial chemists, etc. fall into this level. Such employment is generally reserved for those pursuing undergraduate or postgraduate education or professional degrees or diplomas.

Fifth Level: Administrative Services

IAS, PCS, etc. level officers fall in this category. For this, undergraduate education is necessary, but one has to undergo primary examination and later write the examination and then interview. You know very well how difficult this is. For this field, it is necessary to have hard work and dedication, as well as the passion of patriotism, honesty, and social service in which it should fight to become an administrative officer.

Sixth Level: Independent Business / Senior Managerial Jobs

Retired IAS and PCS are also seen working in many good institutions. Therefore, the level of independent business has been considered as sixth. At this level, if you talk about a career, then jobs like lawyers, managing directors, psychiatrists, judges, military officers, professors, gynecologists, heads of government departments, technical consultants, company secretaries, etc. also come. For this, long experience and training including post-graduation are required.

All these levels are like a pyramid. As you move forward, the struggle will become more difficult. The higher the level of work, the more educational qualification or functionality and experience is necessary.

You want to explore your future at any level, but to work at every level, confidence is very important. There is no other friend like confidence. Self-confidence is the first step towards future development. So, first of all, learn to be confident. Confidence is the basic secret of success. You want to do any level of job, but confidence is necessary for everyone.

Must Read:

Jobs Selection by Interest

Jobs or jobs are divided into nine parts according to interest.

  1. Motivational work: influencing people.
  2. Helpful work: listening to and helping people with their problems.
  3. Clerical work: Office-related work.
  4. Creative Work: Imaginative works.
  5. Linguistic function: use of words.
  6. Management functions: Organization and leadership of people.
  7. Scientific work: research on problems
  8. Technical work: Use of technical equipment.
  9. Experimental work: manual work.

Assess the level of interest

You can decide what you have to do in life by taking a sharp look at various areas and activities in your life. Which level of jobs would be good for you? In which field can you get success? For this, churn the following questions.

  1. What was your favorite subject in school?
  2. Which specialty can be called special talent or quality in you?
  3. What do you do in your free time?
  4. What kind of news do you like to read more in newspapers?
  5. Have you received any honors or awards? If yes, in which area?
  6. What kind of music do you take interest in?
  7. Is this not the same area that can be called your special talent or quality?

Ten planning tips

Here are ten tips for career or future planning –

  1. Make a list of your interests.
  2. List your beliefs likewise.
  3. List your skills and aptitude (in which you are good).
  4. If distracted, identify your interest through a test.
  5. Take employment news, job sites, etc. on the Internet for your job of choice.
  6. Do research in relation to employment advertisements.
  7. Keep in touch with people who have the same interests as you.
  8. Gather as much information as possible about the field in which you want to pursue a career.
  9. What is the process for acquiring related jobs? When is the exam and how to prepare for it? -so that you can succeed – plan it all.
  10. Prepare hard to get related jobs.

Also note:

There are many people in this world who have succeeded in more than one area; For example, a doctor or a lawyer can also be a good writer and speaker. A poet can also have the qualities of becoming a journalist. An administrative officer can also guide people by setting up a social organization. Everyone’s wish is fulfilled after hard work and dedication, even that is not possible. Because you can only do actions, giving results is only a matter under God.

Many times employment is also found in the distasteful area, but it can be made interesting.

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