Avoid Insomnia | Have a stress-free good sleep


Avoid Insomnia

The precious things that modern lifestyle has denied us include the sleep of the eyes. According to experts, the insomnia is growing rapidly due to the modern lifestyle that has arisen due to career-related competition, job pressures, money spree, tension, night clubs, parties, television, and movies. Children and youth are also vulnerable to this disease. Insomnia gives rise to negative thinking in us which is very dangerous for advancement. In this article, we will discuss some important points to avoid insomnia and to have a stress-free good sleep.

About thirty percent of the people in metros and big cities of the country are suffering from insomnia. Symptoms of insomnia include headache, loss of concentration, daytime exhaustion, memory loss, functionality, etc. Insomnia and depression are closely related.

Therefore, psychiatrists say that like exercise and nutrition, good sleep should also be considered as an essential part of a healthy lifestyle.

Use the following tips to prevent insomnia

Have a good sleep


What are the tips to prevent Insomnia?

1. Do not drink too much tea and coffee, because excessive use of caffeine can be a hindrance to sleep.
2. Do not use high protein and high-fat food just before bedtime.
3. If it is not possible to take a bath before sleeping, then at least wash your feet and go to bed.
4. One should sleep at the prescribed time every day. Sleeping on time and getting up on time is one of the main reasons for success. Changes in bedtime can also be the main cause of insomnia.
5. First of all, thank God.
6. Leave all worries and stress out of bed.
7. If you are not able to sleep, then remember those moments of life, the moments in which you were very happy, thinking that you will automatically laugh.
8. Do not use pills to get sleep. Yes, if necessary, only the following Ayurvedic tips can be adopted, as they will not have any side effects – Massage the pumpkin oil, it will help to sleep freely.
9. Consult a qualified physician.
10. Take proper food and follow the right routine.

How can you enjoy good sleep and avoid insomnia?

Good sleep is naturally necessary for good health, better mental development, miraculous memory power, and above all, positive thinking. Good sleep also does not mean that you spend half your life in sleep and spend twelve hours snoring and dreaming. A person should sleep for six to eight hours, sleeping more than this would be detrimental.

1. Massage, before going to bed and taking a bath with warm water, leads to good sleep.
2. Stools and urination should be done before going to bed.
3. Deep sleep comes four hours before the night, so do not wake the sleeping person in this state.
4. Renounce all worries before going to bed and after meditating on God, close the eyes and repeat the sentence – “I don’t worry, I will sleep very deeply. Sleeping will be a force in my life.” There will be communication and I will become more energetic and stronger. No one can stop me from sleeping well, because enjoying good sleep is my birthright. ” Those who sleep from time to time and wake up from time, ‘time’ is always with them. And those who always have time, they are on the path of progress.

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Stay stress-free

If you want to get something in life and want to move forward, then it is most important to remain stress-free. Nowadays, it is a common disease to suffer from stress in life. Those who are not tense are definitely lucky. The student at school is tense, then his boss at the factory. The student is worried not to miss the lesson, but the factory owner worries about completing orders on time. Similarly, people working in other areas also remain stressed due to some concerns. Many people do not accept it even after doing wrong, but later they become stressed after thinking about it.

Unfortunately, if success is not achieved in any field, the biggest reason for this is the stress of the person while working. Anxiety is the mother of stress. And worry has been said about the pyre that only burns the dead, whereas worry burns the living man all the time. ‘Anxiety’ does not leave a person without hollowing him out. Therefore you should remain tension-free and stress-free. Stress leads to insomnia. Here are the tips to remain stress-free and to avoid insomnia.

Tips to remain stress-free

  1. If something bad has happened to you, forget it as God’s will, but learn that the reasons for which it has happened should not be the reason from now on.
  2. Do not keep any misconceptions inside you, because it causes mental trouble.
  3. When there is a tension about something, drink at least two glasses of water.
  4. Recall those moments of stress when you were very happy.
  5. Fear the formidable situation fearlessly and think about what will happen more than this? I am able to cope with any form of situation.
  6. Lighten your mind by sharing any grief and pain with others. And make sure to make your elders aware of any problem, because the guidance of elders can give a new twist to your life.
  7. If you are under a lot of stress, then go to a religious place near you and hand all the tension to God and pray for happiness and prosperity from him.
  8. Listen to music during stress, it will bring mental peace.
  9. If something has happened to you that is causing you to cry. But if you are not able to cry, then in such a situation, keeping the head on the shoulder of a curvy, remembering the incident and crying will reduce the stress.
  10. Do not think about the painful event or any loss again and again, but be aware that such incidents do not happen further.
  11. Always think positively even in times of stress. For example, suppose you are sad because you have not been able to buy a new sweater due to no money during the winter season. So in such a situation, remember those whose sweaters on their bodies, even if there is no safe shirt. His body is shivering in a torn shirt due to winter. If you are not able to buy good shoes, then look at those people who are working barefoot in mid-afternoon. This kind of positive thinking will always motivate you to move forward and this motivation will lead you to your destination.

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