Time Management Training | Short Story on Time Management

As we all know how important time management is in our lives. But still, we waste all our time in vain. Here is a description of a time management training taken by a professor. Read this short story on this time management and understand the importance of time management.

In a personality development class, the professor was going to deliver his speech on time management. Professor wanted that in today’s class, students should be taught time management in such a way that these students remember it throughout their lives and take lessons from it, so they started the training of that day by experimenting.

Time Management Training - A short story on time management

An Experiment

He placed a jar of glass on the table, saying “Today we begin our studies through a small practical experiment”. This jar was open and wide-mouthed, which would be about four to five liters in size. He placed it on the table so that all the students could see it well and then he took out a bag, which was filled with pieces of stone. About a handful will be of size. These pieces of stone were like clay ballast. They filled those pieces of stone carefully in that jar. When no more stones could come in it, he questioned the students of the class, “Is this jar full?”

Yes, everyone answered in a loud voice. Saying “Good! Let’s see”, he took out a small bucket from under the table, filled with gravel (small clay). He poured the gravel into the jar and shook the jar lightly. Now they filled the jar with gravel. Then he smiled a little and asked the class again, “Is the jar full?”

This time all the students kept quiet. They understood that there was a trick in this. One student said softly, ‘Probably not.

Very good! Saying this, he then bowed under the table and pulled out a small bucket, which was filled with sand. They started filling the sand in that jar. The space between mud and gravel (big stones and small stones) filled it with sand.

“Did it fill the jar?”, Once again he asked the same question.

‘No, the whole class screamed. Now they understood.

“Very well”, the professor picked up the jug of water and filled the jar with water.

“Yes, then tell me, what education do we get from this experiment?” He questioned looking at the students.

A fast-paced type of boy in Time Management Training, he raised his hands eagerly and said, “No matter how busy we are, we can do more in our daily routine than trying.”

“Wrong! Wrong!! If the purpose was to be filled, the whole jar could have been filled with sand or with water”, the expert professor asserted, “No! This is not the purpose of this experiment at all.” The whole class was stunned, there was complete silence. What could be the purpose? The professor kept quiet for a minute.

A wonderful lesson on time management

Then he said with a smile

“This test teaches us a great truth that if you don’t put big stones first, you will never be able to put them. Sand can be added later, but if the jar is filled with sand before then there are no big stones in it. Can come, so big stones have to be poured already. “You have to do important, useful and necessary tasks first; otherwise you will never be able to do them later. So big stones have to be put first, small pieces can be put later. If you put your time into unnecessary and unhelpful tasks, then you will have no time left for useful tasks. Why did your essential work depend on the mercy of any unnecessary work?

We should recognize the big stones of our lives. Big stones are our priorities. These depend on our goal. Without goals, we cannot set our priorities, so there can be no achievement without goals. Planned labor can only happen when your goal is ensured. Your success is tied to the goal. He whose goal is fixed, he can know his priorities. He who puts his big stones first has no shortage of time.

I hope you liked the article “Time Management Training | Short Story on Time Management”. Time is very limited. So, don’t waste your time. Make it productive. Good luck.

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