Self-respect quotes | Self-esteem quotes | Self-respect status

Self respect quotes - self esteem quotes

Self-respect (self-esteem) plays an important role in the success achieved in life. We also know self-respect by the name of Atma Gaurav, Atma Samman, Atma Bhabhiman or Khuddari  (Hindi words).  A person without self-respect (self-esteem) lacks confidence. There is nothing you can do without confidence. Here are some self-respect quotes:

The goal is not possible when self-respect (self-esteem) dies.

Pride grows you, Life becomes successful

If pride is in you, then a separate identity will be formed in society,

If it is not there, you are neither male nor animal, just like the deceased.

One who considers himself inferior does not progress further,

Self-respect energy makes every task easier.

In this article, we will discuss self-respect. Self-respect is more important than anything. Here are some important points on self-respect or self-esteem. You must read these self-respect quotes, self-esteem quotes or self-respect status.

Self-respect quotes | Self-esteem quotes | Self-respect status

About Self-respect :

Self-respect (self-esteem) is like an internal force. When he wakes up, the person can do anything that he would not have imagined. Mahatma Gandhi has said that “For a self-respecting person, gold shacks are no less rigid than iron shackles. Prick is not in metal, but in shackles.” A self-respecting person has unwavering faith in himself, respect for morality. He is not willing to compromise for greed for money or greed of any kind of respect. He has his specific thinking. Since most people, in compromise or greed, are willing to bow down to others. Therefore, people with high self-esteem also call such people stupid or egoistic.

Self-respect (self-esteem) is a quality in itself, which gives the person the inner strength to cope with every situation. A self-respecting person can overcome every obstacle in the path of success with a lot of vitality and courage. He believed in himself, he worked hard and motivates oneself to become superior. A self-respecting person can make very serious and consistent efforts to achieve his goals. He is not talkative; he does not make mere showy efforts. Rather, he becomes self-motivated and gathers with full strength and power to achieve his goal, to improve himself.

The high self-respecting person has the amazing determination of power. In them, the tendency of stubbornness and once determined after doing hard work in every situation is seen as the tenacity and ability to complete that task. An outwardly weak and normal-looking self-respecting person gets involved in completing a task, so he usually completes the task that seems impossible.

Former Prime Minister of India Late Shri Lal Bahadur Shastri was a highly self-respecting man, he never compromised on misconceptions in his life. He was rich in morality, of such a superior personality that people with good money felt themselves dwarf in front of him. By studying in the light of electric poles, we still recognize such a self-respecting personality who sits on the chair of the Prime Minister of the country as an example.

Self-respect (self-esteem) in children

Have you ever noticed that children have the highest self-esteem? Neither does he hesitate to go before anyone, nor does he fear anyone. As they grow older, people get to hear negative things about themselves, criticism, which reduces their self-esteem.

self respect quotes self esteem quotes

How to increase self-esteem or self-respect?

Self-esteem is an essential element for success, happiness, and satisfaction in life. Self-respect (self-esteem)  is an intrinsic characteristic or characteristic, which can be increased in the following manner.

1.    Good company

To increase your self-esteem, make it compatible with such people, whom you like to be with. Stay with such people, who have good thoughts about you, who are fans of you. By staying with such people, your confidence increases, you feel alive; you get to know your worth. All this inspires you to move forward. On the other hand, people with negative thoughts discourage you, you feel neglected and inferior among them. Such people should not be compatible. If such people are not available, read inspirational books, self-respect quotes, self-esteem quotes or self-respect status.

2.    Don’t compare yourself to others

Every person is different from others. Every person has their characteristics, some shortcomings. Some people exaggerate their characteristics while deficiencies are not allowed to come before the people. We are unable to fully know about another person. We should not feel inferior by comparing ourselves to others. The area where you are getting it good, maybe it is just a show. Most of the people themselves are so gracious, cultured, wealthy and in front of others. Present successful, as they are not. We see the same thing and want to show us. We do not know about their shortcomings, their sorrows, their pain, nor do we need to know.

The film heroes look as happy, healthy, romantic and successful as they are? He only knows the sorrows, pains of his life.

What is the benefit of comparison anyway? Why do you make yourself inferior by comparison? No person is perfect. Everyone has some deficiencies, so there are some characteristics. If you see a particular quality or specialty in someone else more than yourself, then you can try to cultivate that quality in yourself.

You can find ways to bring that specialness to yourself. This is the right way to improve yourself, but you should not consider yourself inferior by comparing yourself to any other person.

3.    Self employ

Do not depend on anyone. You try to be self-employed. If self-planning is not possible, do a job where a routine is not working, where your style and skills are recognized. A self-respecting person soon becomes successful in making his mark on the strength of his ability, but this does not mean that a person doing a private job or a government job does not have self-respect (self-esteem). A self-respecting person has a different identity in every region, everywhere. Most employers give more respect to a self-respecting person in a job because the self-respecting person has a higher quality of work than others and is in favor of the employer.

4.    Love yourself, respect yourself

To increase our self-esteem it is necessary that we love ourselves, respect ourselves. When you become aware of yourself, take care of yourself. So your self-respect (self-esteem) will grow automatically. People who are sensitive to themselves, care for themselves, take care of themselves, they are confident and high self-respecting. Therefore, taking care of oneself is important for growth in self-respect (self-esteem).

5.    Create and achieve goals

Set your goals and achieve them, it means to achieve success in life. Regardless of success, small goals, achieving those means creating confidence in one’s ability, ability. This faith enhances one’s self-esteem. You are recognized as a successful hero in the eyes of others. People talk about your success. If you have achieved some specific goals, then it also becomes an example for them, so achieving or achieving small goals is an important point for increasing your self-esteem.

6.    Analyze your feelings

Identify yourself. Try to know your own will. Why are you unable to do any work? Sometimes someone is negligent, so why? Know this try to understand what inspires you. What does your mind say? What are you happy with Think some things to know. By knowing your desires, about yourself, you can give life the right direction. One meaning of success is satisfaction. You are satisfied with the work you are happy to achieve; the same success is also for you. When you become conscious of your desire or reluctance, then all your strength, energy, ability, the ability will start working in a certain direction. Your self-esteem will increase automatically and you will be on the path of success.

Self-respect is more important than anything.

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