Team Building – Characteristics of a Great Team


Friends, we all know, TEAMWORK is very important for success, but preparing a successful TEAM is not just about everyone. Team Building is not an easy task. Creating a successful team is an art.

The stick alone can be broken easily, but when these sticks are bundled together, it is very difficult to break them. The same applies to our team.

A successful team has certain characteristics.

Every one of its members knows that if we want to win a big battle, then we have to lose small battles. They always work with a big goal.

A good team never competes because they know, “We are not here to compete with each other, we are here to complete each other”. They work to complete each other.

A team leader strives to understand the experiences of every member of his team and builds a great team that can easily achieve the goal while performing well.

The quality of leadership can only build through practice.

Deep Kalra (Make My Trip Chairman and CEO)

Characteristics of a Great Team

To achieve success, team building is the first step. Here are some characteristics of a great team. So let’s see, what are the things that make a team successful-

Create a Common Goal

Teamwork or people working together can achieve tremendous goals. A common dream or common Goal of team members is the thing that makes a team special and makes them successful.

A strong leader is also needed to focus on all the energy of all the members. The job of a leader is to make the team’s dream or goal clear to everyone, tell the team’s purpose, share the goal. And also explain how their achievements will have an impact on the outside world and their lives. Also read: How to set a Smart Goal? Goal Setting.

Create a positive atmosphere

There will be a lot of difficulties on the way as you move towards your goal.

 So you have to create a positive environment. As a Team Leader, you should take care that the courage and confidence of your Team Members are not diminished.

For this, you have to create a positive environment so that the motivation of your team members is not reduced and you can easily face all the problems that come in the way. Most importantly, he should be given credit for his work from time to time. Along with this, he should also give feedback in which he is told how great team members he is.

Enthusiasm and passion

An important characteristic of a successful team is that each of its members is always enthusiastic and aware of the team’s goals. It is encoded inside them that Together Everyone Achieves More (TEAM). The individual records of the members of a team may not be good but more important is the combined performance of the entire team.

When you connect people well and they start getting inspiration and nourishment from each other then this thing spreads very fast. This causes you and your team to perform at a different level and increases enthusiasm. Keep this enthusiasm up. This makes a big difference in the energy levels of the team members.


Discipline plays a very important role in Team Building. Creating discipline in teamwork is strongly needed. The best way to do this is to keep the team leader self-disciplined. Because seeing you, other members will also be disciplined.

Treat team members well

When people join the team, their personal issues do not suddenly change. Their personalities are different even then, they still have different abilities and have different expectations. They have different drawbacks. Therefore, it is important for a qualified leader to recognize their abilities, value them and use them properly for the benefit of the team. Treat the team as your own family and celebrate their every achievement apart from being together, eating, drinking and having fun.

Goal Alignment

Goal Alignment is the most important feature of a successful TEAMWORK. Goal Alignment means that all the members of the team use their entire energy towards their goals.

Think what if the four wheels of our car start moving in different directions? May we never reach our destination. Friends, just as the car wheel alignment is necessary, it is also necessary that a sensible leader should always do Goal Alignment of his team to move towards the goal.


Give credit for good work to the entire team and if something went wrong, take responsibility for it yourself.

When teams perform well, it is the responsibility of the leader to give credit to every member of the TEAM. He should reach every member in whatever form he wants to pat his back or praise in front of everyone.

People always love to be praised. This keeps them encouraged to try more. This makes him prefer to work with the same leader again.

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Confidence and Motivation

In any case, do not let your team get frustrated and be confident.

Friends, as you move towards your goal, your team has to face many types of challenges. And many times it happens that the solution to that problem does not come to your mind immediately. In this case, take care and work with patience. Never let the courage of your team break. Because seeing you desperate can negatively impact TEAM. Therefore, it is very important to maintain your confidence even in adversity and keep motivating your team.

Learning from each other

There are many types of people in a team. Every person is more adept at some of the work. So team members should try to learn from each other and create a learning culture in the team. Until you develop your skills or ability, you cannot move forward on the path of success.

You do work every day, but if you develop the ability to learn inside yourself, then you will feel that you have reached far ahead of other people. You will not see the benefit of this immediately, but by learning every day, you will definitely get its benefit in the future.

Sharing work according to merit

A team consists of many people. Therefore, for Team Building it is very important that the abilities of each member be understood and accordingly, the works should be distributed among them. With this, all people will be able to complete their work properly without any trouble. The productivity of the team will increase only when all the members of the teamwork together according to their abilities.

By following some of these simple techniques, you can build a successful team.

The biggest prize a leader can achieve or leave the greatest legacy is a team of qualified, confident and supportive people who are fully prepared to lead themselves.

TEAMWORK is a powerful tool for success that every successful person has used for success.

Hello friends, how do you like these Teamwork ideas for a successful team building? If you have any suggestions, please let us know in the comment box. So start building your better team today and ensure your success. We wish you success. Good Luck. Share with friends because sharing is caring.

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  1. More and more characteristics are being employed when it comes to team development. But it’s nonetheless important to note that not all apply to every situation and every team.

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