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Bill Gates is the founder of Microsoft Company and despite becoming such a big man, he wears only 10 dollars worth of watches. This person is rich not only of money but also of the heart. Bill Gates still cleans his plate by eating food. He says that he likes it. In this article, you will read some inspiring Bill Gates Quotes.

The story of Bill Gates is not the one from ‘Poor to Rich’. Rather, they are already rich. His father, William H. Gates, was a lawyer. Gates’s great-grandfather owned the bank. He was followed by Gates’ grandmother. The grandmother had given the wealth of the Arabs to her grandson.

Till 1997, he used to fly like a common man. Now he has a plane of his own, which he calls his ‘big waste’. In addition to his expensive plane, Bill gates also have the code written by the scissor inventor “Leonardo da Vinci”, which he bought in 1994 for $ 30.8 million. Here are some Bill Gates Quotes.

Bill Gates Quotes

Success is a poor teacher for a person because success develops thinking among people that they can no longer fail.

A person should not compare himself to any person in this world, if he does so, he is doing his own Insult.

A person should celebrate his success, but it is more important that he should learn from his failure.

I always select a lazy man to do any difficult task, because he finds an easy way to do that work.

I failed some Subjects in Exams and all my friends passed. He is now an Engineer at Microsoft Company and I am the owner of Microsoft Company.

Your most unsatisfied customers are your biggest source of learning.

Life is not fair. Get used to it.

No matter how much Ability there is in a person, but only if he is focused he can do great work.

When you have money in your pockets, only you forget who you are. But when your pockets are empty, the whole world forgets who you are.

If you are born in a poor family, this is not your Mistake. But if you die poor then this is your Mistake.

It is right that you celebrate success, but remembering the bad times of your past.

If I had already set an end goal, don’t you think I would have accomplished it years ago.

Be happy by being stupid and hope that you will finally get success.

Surely my children will have a computer, but the first thing they will get is books.

If General Motors had developed its technology at the speed of the computer industry, today we would be driving a $ 25 car which would run at 1000 miles per gallon.

Life is not divided in Semester because sometimes you do not get a summer vacation.

If you cannot do a task well, then do it at least in such a way that it looks good.

To become a good Professional Engineer you should always start preparing for your exams late as it will teach you how to manage time and handle an emergency.

If we look at the next century, the leaders will be those who will empower others.

I believe that if you show people problems and suggest solutions to those problems, then people will be attracted to adopt them.

TV is beyond reality. In real life, people have to go to jobs instead of sitting in cafes.

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Inspiring Bill Gates Quotes

Expectations are a form of first-class truth. If people believe something to happen then it really is.

We all need people who can give us feedback, because of these we improve.

There are people who do not like capitalism, and there are people who do not like PCs. But there is no one who likes Personal Computers and does not like Microsoft.

Whether it is Google or Apple or Free Software, we have some great competitors who keep us alert.

Climate change is a terrible problem and should be fully resolved with priority.

Often you have to rely on your intuition.

Business is a money game with few rules and lots of risks.

Technology is only a tool that brings children closer to work together, but as far as motivating children is concerned, the teacher is the most important.

Although I have no right to talk about “what others should do”, I feel that I have been very lucky and feel the responsibility to give back to society in a very important way.

Intellectual property is like the outer shell of a banana.

640 KiloByte would be enough for anyone.

We should take inspiration from brands like Google, Bing to stand on our feet.

Patience is a key element of success.

If you find your teacher very strict, then wait for that time till you get a boss.

If your business is not on the Internet, then your business will be out of business.

Life is not fair, use it to make it fair.

I have studied but I have never been a Topper, but today I am an Employee of the Topper students in the Best Universities.

I am always troubled by what should be the important criteria to improve the human condition.

To achieve great success, you sometimes have to take great risks.

We spend a lot of money to change our behavior.

The best service of society can be done by choosing those people, be hardworking, intelligent and think of the long term.

This is the best time to enter the business world because, in the next 10 years, there is going to be so much change in the business world, which had not happened in the last 50 years.

Many people think a lot about what they can do in the next 1 year but they think very little about what they can do in the next 10 years.

Your biggest mistake is the one that helps you make good decisions in the future.

When you are not satisfied with something, you move towards learning it.

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