How to win in life? How to be a winner?

how to win in life

If you want to be a winner, want to be successful in life, then keep in mind that the people who succeed in life are somewhat different from normal people. They do not waste life like normal people. Their life is well planned. They understand the value of time. They have some qualities that make it easier for them to win.

How to win in life?

Here are some answers to the question “How to win in life?”.

1. Disciplined and planned life

In the biography of great people, one thing is generally the same that they keep their life well planned and discipline is very important in their lives. With his disciplined and well-planned life, he was able to do something that a normal person cannot even imagine. Timely thinking, doing all the work on time, etc. related thinking has been important in his lifestyle. The winner in life is the one who has conquered himself. It was believed by the great philosopher Aristotle.

One small thing should be understood that to be successful or victorious, you have to be better than others and give more time for your development. For all this, one has to lead a disciplined and well-planned life. All great people understand that they cannot develop themselves without discipline and planning.

Some people pretend to be disciplined. Keep in mind, artificial discipline is like a branch of a dry tree, which is soulless and cannot support anyone. Some people consider disciplining an enemy of personal freedom. In fact, personal freedom does not mean arbitrariness or indefinite freedom. Discipline is the mainstay of successful individuals’ lives.

Discipline is the rule of life.

It develops strength, restraint, and character in our life. It gives us confidence, self-respect. Discipline is not only motivating for personal progress, personal development, but it also gives impetus to society and nation-building. Self-discipline plays an important role in making life successful. Discipline and planning increase your abilities and skills. It provides the power to struggle.

Discipline makes you strong and powerful internally. A disciplined person is definitely closer to ‘Vijay’ than a normal person. Discipline and planning are very important for winning and succeeding in life.

2. Goals should suit your interests

What do you want to become in life? Your goal should be of your interest and choice. If you are an intellectual and you have never liked politics, then your goal should not be to achieve anything in the political field. If the goal will be to your liking, then your efforts for it will be more intensive and result. When setting goals, it is more appropriate to analyze your own preferences, rather than copying another. You should learn “What is a SMART goal and how to set it“.

A person has certain characteristics, so he should set his goals in the same area. The goal should be clear. If the goal is unclear, you will always be in a dilemma. Your efforts will not sharpen. You will not be able to unite your efforts in any clear direction, the person on two boats is always at a loss.

By having an interesting and clear goal, a person can achieve desired success by orienting his tolerance, creativity in the right direction. Dilemma and duality are major obstacles in the path of success. The right use of your ability, imagination, and creativity requires that your goal is friendly and clear.

3. Prepare yourself for the goal

The path to goal or victory is not simple and easy. This requires tough questions. Untamed will power is required. Unwavering confidence and hard work are required. Setting goals is normal, but preparing yourself to achieve it is a difficult task.

A middle-class person can set the goal of making himself a millionaire. But he has to be ready to achieve that goal. You have to resolve to work hard. All your abilities have to focus in one direction. One has to be self-disciplined and have proper time planning. You will have to abandon all those habits, activities which somehow set you apart from achieving the goal. And you should adopt those habits in the daily routine which is necessary for achieving the goal. You will have to focus all your powers and all your feelings towards the goal.

As stated in the beginning, the path to achieving the goal is not smooth. This path is about renunciation, tenacity, moderation, discipline, crisis, and problems. Difficulties come in the way of success. There is no need to fear these difficulties. There is a need to move ahead by resolving them appropriately. Don’t let confidence overwhelm you. Your confidence, strong will, and solidarity of efforts make your goal attainable.

Remember that thing of Arjun when he said that I can see nothing but the eye of the bird. (from Mahabharta) – Example of a great focus.

It is not difficult to penetrate any goal after preparing so much. Therefore, prepare yourself with full dedication to achieve the goal. Success will surely kiss your footsteps. You will definitely be victorious in life.

Often everyone dreams of success, but few people succeed and most fail. Those who enter the battlefield with full preparation, such warriors definitely get ‘victory’.

4. Take lessons from success/mistakes

Many stops of mistakes come in the way of victory because success is the sum of many successes. As you fail or make mistakes, you get closer to success. Take lessons from failures. Analyze the mistakes you made. Try not to repeat them further. Do not be disappointed with failures. Prepare yourself again. Have faith in your abilities. You have to be patient to be successful. Because you will fail many times, you will also make mistakes. But don’t let failures dominate you.

The only man who never makes a mistake is the one who never does anything.

~ Theodore Roosevelt

Thomas Alva Edison, who invented the bulb, failed 10,000 experiments. But he did not give up patience and did not let the failures dominate himself. Finally one day he was successful and became the creator of many inventions.

The combative and determined human beings who make failures the ladder to success are ultimately successful. The defeated are those who fail once and do not try. This is the main point on “How to win in life?”.

Your effort, courage, patience, and confidence are tested only on the test of failures. The one who meets this criterion wins.

The US President (Abraham Lincoln) was a failure from the age of 21 to the age of 51. But at the age of 52, he got success. Take the superstar of Hindi cinema Amitabh Bachchan. In the early days, this neglected actor, called ‘Failure Lambu’, is ruling the hearts of all.

I would like to fail in the work that finally succeeds.

Woodrow Wilson

When you fail, then it proves that success was not attempted consciously. That means there were some mistakes and shortcomings in it. Just learn from these shortcomings, mistakes and try again with full confidence, Victory will select you.

5. Increase your power

The powerful wins, the weak defeat. Increase your abilities. Introduce yourself to new technology, new inventions and new types of equipment. Nowadays, a new experiment is being done in every field. You should have knowledge of development and experiments etc. in your area. In this age of competition, a lack of information can push you back. The bigger the goal and the bigger your ambition will be. For success in life, it is necessary that you make yourself so strong in accordance with the goal that success becomes possible.

The difference between the successful and the unsuccessful is that the unsuccessful person is less able to meet the goal. Whereas a successful person is slightly more qualified in terms of goals.

To win, a person who considers his goal with full devotion and dedication is able to assess his own potential. Your strength should be so much higher than your goal that you are not tired of achieving the goal.

A boundless and fervent desire to achieve excellence leads you to success. The desire to be victorious resides in everyone, but only those who are able to achieve it, succeed.

Many people enter the gym with momentary enthusiasm. But they soon leave the field and sit outside. A large congregation of faces, who do new tasks and leave them in no time, can be seen wandering everywhere. The lazy pranks, the weak, the impatient, the powerless and the hopeless human beings, will fail. Such individuals can be seen living as crippled and helpless.

Strength can be increased. This boosts your confidence, increases your efficiency. You get the power to deal with any kind of problems, to face difficulties or to fight it.

Increase your ability to register success and your victories.

6. Take appropriate and quick decisions

In every area of ‚Äč‚Äčlife or in any business, you have to make decisions. The decisions you take play an important role in your success and failure. Right and proper decisions lead us to success. Whereas wrong decisions drive us away from success. Proper decision-making requires considerable thought. Knowledge of circumstances, availability of resources, the possibility of accidental events, etc. Analysis of many facts. By thinking about them a lot, you can reach the right decision.

It is seen that haste, lack of knowledge of circumstances and mental pressure are responsible for this wrong decision. Deciding the wrong priorities also makes decisions wrong.

Proper judgment is never accidental. It is taken on the basis of long experience in critical thinking, far-reaching impact, and efficient leadership. The decision you make should be in line with your goal. The clearer you are to your goal, the more accurate and appropriate your decision will be.

Doing is not difficult but deciding to do is.

Keep in mind, nothing will happen until you decide. Sometimes people take a lot of time to make very small decisions. They are very confused. Many unnecessary elements bother them. They have a lack of information and, a lack of courage. They do not have the ability to take risks. Hence, they find themselves unable to take even small decisions. They aspire for someone’s opinion so that they can hold him responsible if they fail.

To be indecisive means to delay. It is more appropriate to err in judgment than to be inconclusive. The mistake can be rectified. But when you don’t make some decisions, inaction will end you. The proper and quick decision gets you closer to success. So prepare yourself for decision making.

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