How to use 100% of your brain scientifically?


Do you know that every human has many abilities inside his mind? Some people awaken their abilities, some people do not wake them up. Suppose you are weak inside mathematics and someone else is clever inside mathematics, then it does not mean that he had learned mathematics before birth. But this means that he has tried harder and harder than you. And he knows more about things because of this he is smarter than you. He has awakened the strength of his mind. In this article, we will cover the topic “how to use 100% of your brain”.

A few years ago, I also felt that human beings are born genius. But now I do not believe this thing to be true in all ways. But the truth is that a person learns only after being born and only then he becomes a genius.

Friends, let me tell you a related story. Which will help you to understand the reasons why a person is not able to awaken his brain powers and he feels that he is weak from birth.

Friends, when I was studying inside class 6, I was very weak inside Maths subject and I did not like Maths at all. After that I failed for a year, then my family members put me inside another school.

After that, my base was improved and today my maths is very good. Friends who were once smarter than me, today feel very weak in front of me. This means that the mind is in everyone, just learn to use it correctly.

What is mean by – using 100% of your brain?

A human being uses every part of his brain. If any part of the human brain is damaged, then some problem starts inside some work. Friends we mean “how to use 100% of your brain?”. It is not inside the article that you are not using all parts of your brain. And scientists have only been able to prove that a human being uses 100 percent of all parts of his brain. Here we are talking about those abilities, not the parts of the brain. Talking about the skills that your brain can learn. Can’t your mind learn a lot? How many things do you know? If you compare things learned and your learning abilities, it will be very low.

In the 1890s, Harvard psychologists William James and Boris Sidis first reported that a normal human being can only use 10 percent of his brain’s abilities and this is true. The same thing was said by American author Lovell Thomas. Then in the 1970s, Bulgarian-born psychologist and teacher Georgi Lozanov said that humans use only 5 percent of their brain capacity.

Neuroscientist Barry Baerstein presented seven types of evidence refuting the ten percent myth. But you should understand here that it is wrong to understand the learning ability of the brain of the human being as a function of the brain’s part. Now you can think yourself how much the brain has the ability to learn, and how much you can learn yourself? This scientist only tried to prove that in any work done, every part of the brain works inside it. But it could not prove how many things our brain can learn and how many things have we learned now?

This means that we should not be confused about the capacity of the brain and the use of the brain part. And you can know that the capacity of the brain is a psychological word and the use of the brain part is a biological word.

Understanding how the brain works

Before knowing about “How to use 100% of your brain”, we tell you all these things in detail once. Just like you use a computer and it has a processor and RAM. Now if you are asked what you have to store all types of data inside your computer and process them. If we talk about the collection of those data then it will be very much. But the parts inside the CPU will work in every data process. And your data will be processed.

Your brain is a CPU. And the data you are storing inside, which means what you are learning is the capabilities of your brain. You can store (learn) unlimited data. This learning ability is said to be that a human being uses only 10 percent of his brain. This does not mean that a person uses 10 percent of his brain part. This is a big Confusion. While you also know that your CPU is 100 percent used in processing data.

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Now let’s know how to use 100% of our brains?

How to use 100% of your brain? Can it happen?

Friends, we want to tell you that a human cannot use 100% of his mind. Friends, there is a reason behind this. Yes, if you try, you can use your brain’s abilities to the maximum. But even after that, you cannot use your mind 100%.

So friends, because a human being has many things to learn that have no limits. While we are bound by a lot of boundaries. For this reason, we cannot use 100 percent of our brains even if we want to.

Your brain has limited learning capabilities. Will you ever learn unlimited abilities? No, you cannot learn unlimited abilities. And if you learn the known abilities then how will you be able to learn the unknown abilities.

Friends, we do not say that you should not try to increase your brain’s abilities. But you should make full use of the abilities of your mind. Your mind should learn what it wants.

3 types of brain capacities

Before understanding “using 100% of your brain”, let me tell you that there are 3 types of brain abilities. And you should also know about them so that you will be able to use your mind properly.

1. Awakening abilities

Awakening friends are abilities that you have learned. If you know how to play football, then it is an awakening ability of your brain. And similarly, other things that come to you are called awakening abilities. Apart from this, inside the awakened abilities it also happens that they are very much awakened.

For example, if a human being gets the job of an engine, then it will have a full awakening capacity and if someone is short, it will be an incomplete awakening capacity. Many human beings succeed in the world due to their full awakening capacity. And friends, it is very difficult to measure the limits of any ability.

2. Suppressed Capabilities

Suppressed abilities are those abilities that have ways of learning but even then we do not learn them. A human has a lot of Suppressed Capabilities. Just like if you don’t know how to build a computer, it comes inside a Suppressed Capacity of your brain.

‌‌‌ 3. Unknown Capabilities

Friends, unknown abilities are those that no one knows about. As a new invention is an unknown capacity in your brain. Friends, many things are unknown inside the world. And no one can tell about them how many things will be invented in the future and how many things will not be there?

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How to use 100% of your brain? – Some tips

Friends, we cannot use 100 percent of our brains. But we would like to tell you that if you use your mind 100% within any one capacity, then you can be much more successful inside life. Anyway, the aim of a human being is to be successful, which can be done easily using 100 percent of the brain inside any one area. ‌‌ We tell you some tips with the help of which you can increase the use of your brain.

1. Create interest in every work


Friends, you also know that unless you are interested in something, you can neither do it nor learn it well. To use the 100% of your brain, you have to create interest inside that work. If you can do this, then it will be very easy for you to increase your brain abilities. So whether you do a small work or a big job, you must take an interest in it. We know it is difficult but it is not impossible. You can do it

Did you never notice that when you are doing some boring work, you feel like one minute one hour? But if you are doing any fun work then one hour feels like one minute. All this is a wonder of interest. The more work you are interested in, the more you will be able to stay inside that work.

Friends, interest in your work or learning makes your brain more active and this increases your learning rate. And by increasing the rate of learning, a person learns quickly, which also increases the abilities of the brain rapidly.

2. Keep learning continuously

Friends, to use 100% of your brain requires that you should keep learning things constantly. Often, many people think that a person learns everything after completing school, but this is not true. There is no age to learn. If you keep learning things, you will be able to use many abilities of the mind. But if you stop learning things then you will be able to use only those things which you have learned.

Have you noticed that some people, even after getting old, sit inside the 10th examination? They believe that there is no age to learn. Friends, if you keep learning things, you will be able to awaken more and more abilities of your mind. But there are very few people who keep learning throughout their ages. And those who keep learning throughout their ages are also very successful inside life. By learning, you will be able to easily awaken more powers of your mind.

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3. How to use 100% of your brain by increasing work time?

You can increase your brain’s abilities by increasing your work time. Work time means the time you give to learn. Suppose you learn a job for 8 hours every day, but if you increase the time to learn the work to 12 hours, then after that you can use your mind better. Do you know that all the businessmen of the world sleep very little and work more and more? Doing more work makes more use of their brain’s abilities.

But if you are thinking to increase your brain’s abilities by doing more physical work then it is impossible. Use your mind more and more, and only by using your mind can you increase your abilities.

Inside a school, you will see that some students are smart and some are weak even after studying a lot. Have you thought about why all this happens? Some students who are intelligent study for a long time and have spent a lot of time today learning their work. They are smart because of this. While the students who are weak spend very little time inside their studies. And the smarter student has awakened his brain’s extra abilities.

4. Learn to think


Friends, there are many people even today who cannot think of any work and cannot argue. Because they do not have this ability. If you want to increase the use of your brain rapidly, then you should get into the habit of thinking.

If you have the capacity to think thoughtfully, then you can learn new things even better. And doing so will create more new knowledge inside your mind. You know that new knowledge is born when you develop new abilities.

5. Try to be the best in every task

It has often been seen that when people prepare for an exam, they already have negative thoughts in their mind that they do not know whether they will pass or not. And those who give the examination of competition are even more afraid. When you start keeping this doubt, then you are not able to do the best within any work. And if you are not able to do your best, then you will not be able to concentrate better inside your work. Thinking about doing the best means that you will be conscious of your work.

When we try to do the best, we always try to understand things well. For example, if a student wants to get good numbers inside mathematics, then he will understand mathematics well and only then work. And when you understand anything in a good way, then you have to use your mind more for it. With the use of more brains, your brain’s abilities develop double. ‌‌‌ In this, you learn things. Apart from this, your mind learns itself about how to do it.

6. Keep your mind as busy as possible

Friends, the more you use your mind, the better it will work. The manner in which machinery is of no use for a long period of time starts to deteriorate and rust inside its parts. The same thing happens with your brain. The more you use your brain, the better your mind will become. For this reason, do not leave your mind empty.

If you are solving a puzzle, then your brain is also more active inside it. Playing the game also brightens the mind. Keeping your mind busy means that you can use more and more parts of your brain. Apart from this, there is an advantage of keeping the mind busy that unnecessary thoughts do not come. And if unnecessary thoughts come, the mind will not be able to do the work properly instead of being active.

All this means to say that when you keep your mind busy, you will definitely learn something.

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7. Get used to writing and reading

Friends, even if you have left school today and now you feel that there is no need to read and write, then you are thinking wrong. If you want to know about “how to use 100% of your brain” then you should maintain the habit of writing and reading.

‌‌‌ If you have a habit of reading, then you can bring new books and read them. And there will be no loss from reading those books, but you will benefit only. Knowledge will increase and it will definitely work somewhere in your life. In a way, you are developing your brain’s abilities by reading.

And as far as writing is concerned, by writing, you also learn to express things. You will learn how to put your words in front of others only by writing.

8. Play brain games to use 100% of your brain

Friends, playing brain games develop the ability to solve problems inside your brain. Nowadays, many types of brain games are available on the Internet. You can download and play inside your mobile. ‌‌‌ Like if you play puzzle games, then you will have to do brain exercises to solve many problems inside it. And when you have to use your mind, you will be able to develop your brain’s abilities.

‌‌‌ If you choose to play a difficult game, then you will have to do more brain exercises inside it, which will activate many parts of your brain.

9. Meditation – for increasing brain power

Meditation - for increasing brain power

Friends, do you know how important it is to meditate? When you meditate, you focus on one thing. Meditation increases the concentration of human beings. And if a person can concentrate for a long time, it means that he can learn things very quickly. Because of increased concentration, you can increase the capacity of your mind at rest. You also know that concentration helps us to do things better.

To understand it well, try taking it on yourself. Many times when you sit reading, suddenly a lot of non-essential thoughts start coming in your mind. And you know very well that these thoughts also affect you a lot. They don’t even let you read. The arrival of such thoughts proves that you have a problem with concentration.

‌‌‌ To increase your concentration and use 100% of your brain, try to wake up daily and meditate. At first, it will be quite difficult but after that, you can increase the time of meditation daily. 4 Just like you spent 10 minutes meditating first, on the second day you can increase the time to 20 minutes. Friends, I have seen many people who cannot sit for anywhere for an hour, meditation is far away. Such people are very less able to awaken their brain abilities.

10. How to use 100% of your brain using good food?

Good food is also very important to use 100% of your brain. When your brain does not have enough energy, it does not work well. You already know that your brain spends the most energy and it gets that energy from the food itself. You can eat foods that increase memory power. If you do not know what are the foods that increase memory power, you can search them on the Internet. When you search there, you will get a long list. ‌‌‌ You can take any of those foods so that your brain will learn things faster.

11. Always think positively

Friends, in order to use 100% of your brain, you must always be a positive person. If you do not think positive then you will never be able to use your brain’s abilities better. If you give up before you play, you will be broken and you will not have the energy that you should have.

Now try this condition on yourself. When you are frustrated with some work and even then you have to do that work, then how much slow motion you do, how bad you feel.

How will you be able to use your brain 100% within such a situation? To make full use of the mind it is necessary that you have positivity. ‌‌‌ The truth is that negativity reduces the speed of learning of things which has been proved even within the research. Positivity increases your learning speed. We are not just saying all this, but everything has been proved by research.

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12. Learn to use your time properly

time management quotes - how to manage time

Friends, many people do not even know how to use their time properly. They feel that what they are doing is right and with the help of small tasks, they will increase the use of their brain. But friends, in order to succeed in any work, you must use the time properly.

There are two types of people inside this world. One is those who know how to use their brains 100% and use their time properly while working fast enough. And others are those who take no care of their time. Friends, time is of great importance to increase the use of mind. If your time has passed once, then after that it will not come back no matter what you do.

If a man could develop the abilities of his mind in childhood, if he does now, then it will be very difficult to reach that level. He will have a lot of problems and will be left behind by others.

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In the article “How to use 100% of your brain”, we have told you many ways to increase the use of your brain. If you use those methods, you will definitely feel the changes inside your mind and you will feel that you are changing. Tell us how you liked this article by commenting below. Share with friends. Sharing is caring. We wish you good luck.

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