10 Great Leadership Tips When Working From Home

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It’s no secret that managing a business is a stressful job. After all, your team relies on you for guidance and support. That means there’s a ton of prefer, day after day.

The current COVID pandemic has made the task of managing a corporate team even more challenging. As more and more teams make the switch to working remotely, the job of being an effective manager has become more difficult than ever before.

This article takes a look at important leadership tips when working from home. Keep reading to discover insight into how to take your working from home leadership skills to the next level.

10 Great Leadership Tips

1. Make the Most of Video

When it comes to working remotely, video communication is your best friend. In fact, the ability to effectively communicate using video technology is rapidly changing the way companies do business as well as the way teams are able to work together.

The key is to use video as much as possible throughout the day. This will help maintain a feeling of being together in the workplace rather than being separated by many miles.

After all, it’s always better to see the faces you’re talking to rather than just their voices. It will also help encourage a spirit of teamwork and strengthen relationships among individual team members.

2. Remember to Maintain Human Connection

It’s no secret that working remotely can create a feeling of loneliness. That’s because we often take the corporate office environment for granted.

Believe it or not, maintaining good mental health requires interaction with other humans. Your team needs to feel connected, and not just as team members but also as fellow human beings.

This can obviously be a challenge when you are separated by a significant distance and don’t have the opportunity to physically be in the same space.

The key is to keep your focus on interacting as intimately as possible, to offer encouragement to each other, to laugh together, and to make a conscious effort for your interactions to not be limited to only work conversations.

In other words, you should strive to create an environment where you help your team get to know each other as people who care about each other’s lives.

3. Schedule Frequent One on One Sessions

As a manager, you need to make time to connect with each individual on your team. This will help each person feel that you care about them as an individual rather than simply as a cog in the machine.

Frequent one on one sessions provide a chance to discuss their day to day work experience and the challenges they are facing.

Keep in mind that your team will be composed of a wide variety of personalities, and each personality has individual needs. After all, some people are extroverts while others are introverts. Spending time to chat with each individual team member will help you connect with each person on a deeper level and give you a better understanding of what they need from you.

It’s important to schedule a one on one for each person at least once a week if possible and to create a space where the team members feel safe enough to speak freely about their experiences.

4. Never Cancel a One on One

Once you’ve scheduled a one on one session with an employee, never cancel it. There will obviously be times when emergencies arise, making it impossible to keep every appointment, but this should only be done in a worst-case scenario. 

After all, canceling a session with an employee can make them feel like they aren’t a priority. 

5. Focus on Team Building

The more your employees work remotely, the harder it will be to actually feel like a team. It takes focus and discipline to cultivate an environment of unit and inclusion. That’s why team building events are so important.

Keep in mind that you don’t have to be in the same room to bound as a team. There are actually plenty of ways to interact and build camaraderie even at great distances.

Team building also gives your team a chance to have fun together, get to know each other better, and laugh and celebrate as a team. 

6. Reward Your Team with SWAG

Everyone loves swag. That’s why it’s so important to reward your team members for individual accomplishments and meeting deadlines.

Send them T-shirts, fun office supplies, and any other types of items that will help make them feel valued by your company.

7. Try to Use Whiteboarding Whenever Possible

Whiteboards are incredibly important in an office environment. Especially when it comes to leading meetings, outlining your corporate strategy, or simply spitballing ideas for the future.

That’s why you need to find ways to continue the practice of whiteboarding with your team even when working remotely. This will help them focus on specific objectives, while also providing a tactile experience that reminds everyone of the feeling of being in the same room together.

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8. Continue to Encourage Career Development

Never neglect career development. After all, everyone has goals. 

Make a habit of incorporating this into your one on one sessions. Ask them about where they want to go and offer encouragement as well as advice on how to reach their career goals.

9. Be Conscious of Varying Time Zones

When you have employees who live and work in different areas of the country or the world, you need to be conscious of time zone differences. Because while it might be mid-morning where you are, it could be late at night where they are. Make an effort to compromise by scheduling meetings that are convenient for both sides.

10. Remember to Have Fun

Try to make the work environment as fun as possible. After all, work should be enjoyable. That’s why you need to encourage lively interactions during video meetings, and even have a video happy hour at least once a week.

A Guide to Valuable Leadership Tips When Working from Home

Working remotely presents many challenges, but also provides man benefits. Fortunately, these leadership tips when working from home will help create the best remote work experience possible.

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