What to Consider When Identifying Original Australian Art?

Australian art is famous for its indigenous art forms. The art form is the cultural identity of its
people. Australian art is not just a painting; it encodes its people’s history and stories. People all
around the world are fond of this art. Every year about 9 million people visit Australia; of them,
around 4 million people buy original Australian art as a souvenir or investment. But are they
buying original Australian art, or are they being faked? According to one research published by the Choice in 2018, around 43% of the people would rely on the authentic indigenous art label.

The authenticity of any art is not only essential for its legal or ethical reasons, but also it has
substantial value in the art market. As the popularity of original Australian art has been rising
over the past few years, sales of fake and imported art have also risen. Around 83% of what is
being sold in stores is fake. This demand for priceless pieces of art gave way to the birth of the
$200 million fake art industry.

There are certain parameters to consider when identifying original Australian art that you can
also find at https://whitfieldcollection.com.au/. This article will discuss how one can differentiate
between a fake and an original Australian.

Without further ado, let’s discuss some measures you take before pouring your money into the
art market.

Certificate of Authenticity

This is the certificate given to authenticate the artwork. This certificate is given by the
artists or the organization they are members of. This certificate includes the name of the
artist, his date of birth, the name of that art piece, the date of completion of the work, and
the photograph of the artist while painting.


Provenance is the history of that artwork from the day it was created till the current
owner. It is extremely important when you are buying artwork. The fake art doesn’t have
a provenance.

Authenticated by the Artist or Art Appraiser

The artwork’s authenticity is important, but the person who authenticates it is equally
important. The person who authenticates the work must either be the artist or an expert on
the subject. He must have researched the artist, looked deep at the work, and learned
everything from brush strokes to the conceptual framework.


Every artwork has a story of its own. Usually, the concept of an artwork is to the viewer’s
discernment. In Aboriginal Art, the story is mostly related to dreaming and is associated
with that piece of art.

Cultural dimensions

Australian original art is specifically famous for its concentric circles, dots, and arcs. This
makes it unique. The painting must show these cultural dimensions.

So, if you are a buyer going into the market and don’t meet these checkpoints, you should never
buy the artwork.

But it is difficult for a layperson to go into these details before buying the art. Buying art from
reputable art galleries such as Whitfield Collection guarantees you are buying authentic, one-of-
a-kind art without worrying about forgery. This website is the place of progressive art, where
you can find the original work of emerging and distinguished artists.

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