How To Speak Fluent English Without Hesitation?

how to speak english fluently

English is a West Germanic Language and as its name suggests it is originated from England. There are 3 widely 75 million total speakers of the English Language. English is the default language for numerous forms of communication over the years.

Here are some tips and trick that will most definitely help you better yourself in speaking English the following: 

1. Learn 10 new words each day

Any simple 10 words are making sure you write a paragraph in which you use those words. It does not have to be a story, personal notes, just use those words in sentences and you can take full creative liberty. It has seen practice even in articles in newspapers. You are not needed to start with novels. Novels are boring large texts written over a long period.

If you are not decently familiar with the language, you will be hated picking up the dictionary over and over again. So you can start with plays. plays are much smaller & comprise dialogue. If you are wanted to learning to speak, you must be focusing on the speech rather than detailed descriptions laid down in the novel of the surroundings and whatnot.

2. Not read more than three pages

Your interest in the content is secondary and it should never overcome your desire to learn the language. In 3 pages, you will be finding plenty of information to understand the rules of grammar. When you are looking at the three pages, think in your head that you are in a prison, and to learn English, which you have to at any cost, only these three pages are at your disposal. So you are getting the most out of it.

Read, notice, observe how every sentence is formed, and it is compared with your sentence formations. This is not about creativity or originality. You can steal as much as and you can memorize the manner of speaking, explaining, and describing. You are wanted to learning the language, not write a noble prize winning the book.

3. Learn from anything you come across

Even if you are studying engineering, medicines, or anything.  You are having books, and they are in English. When you are already written in English, then you are instead of picking up novels or newspapers. You are studying as well as examine the sentence formation at the same time two things at once.

4. Try to think in English

You are speaking English without hesitation, you are trying to think in English. When you are learning English, you are having nobody to converse with in English. The only tool to master fluency is speaking it to yourself. The advantage of thinking in English is no embarrassment. All you are having to do this, that is enforced on you to the extent that not even a thought crossing your mind is in Hindi.

Once it is developed as a habit, you will be developed fluency in speech, as you are having already been doing it more than often in your mind. So when you are speaking it, it will be coming out naturally.

5. Do not afraid of using the words you have learned

Bring them into your vocabulary. Understand this fact: Fluency does not equate with abundance or richness of vocabulary. There are two problems people face while speaking the language such as they either can not find words or they can not form a sentence.

If you are learning words, then at least one issue is taken care of. Just people around you are not known for using big words, it does not mean you ought to refrain yourself.

6. Watch movies with subtitles

Movies are having dialogues and having conversations taking place in the most commonplace scenarios. You can use it and screw the movie. You are taking what you can. They are interacting with one another, it is noted down and learn it.

The simple idea is, the more you are playing with something, you more you master it. It is including gaming, the first time you play it, you die, you lose but as you keep on playing, you get better, your understanding of the game develops, and you are discovering new things.

7. Learn the differences of Do, did, does

In India, that is one thing girls are making the most fun of. Must, should or ought to. Ought to and should are almost interchangeable. Can, may, might. Another important one is to lie and lay. Americans are having a complete method of using lay, continuously, and continually. dissatisfied and unsatisfied, credible and Credulous,  incomparable, and incomparable. You can learn as much as Google away.

8. Watch Tutorial on YouTube

You are subscribed to the late-night show with Stephen Colbert. You can search for John Oliver, Trevor Noah, Samantha Bee, Bill Maher. Whenever you are decided to waste your time on YouTube, watch only and only their videos. You will be learning something new alongside the language. Another great way of learning English is to use comedy. Comedy is reliesed heavily on sentence structuring. You can make English content your priority. If you are learning something new and immerse yourself in completely.

9. The informal speech- profanities, slags, cuss words

You can, doesn’t mean you should. sometimes, what most people learn is how to use cuss words, and then find themselves unable to express cleanly. The fascination is coming from trying to be cool and sounding American-like, or at least that is we think. It does not make you American,  it is making you an India trying to mimic some dumbass from America.

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