Step-by-Step Admission Procedure to Best Schools


Admission to the school is the stepping stone to get associated with a foundation whose legacy will remain with you forever. Your school represents you. In your formative years, your identity is restricted to the school you study in. So, it is very important to get admitted to the best school in the town. Some of the best schools are in Pallavaram. Many people want to know more about us and the structure of our curriculum.

We aim to impart quality education and to set a benchmark for other institutes. We have been awarded as the top international school in the state. It exceeds the standards of international schools across the entire world. Our schools have been producing excellent results in the board examinations. There are numerous accolades we have received over the years and we have also been recognized for our extracurricular activities, holistic development of the students, and our infrastructure. In our institute, the learning takes place through observation, reflection, and emphasis on personal development.

The key focus is on faculty development and we provide continuous training to the teachers to deal with the real value of education and excellence in academics.

Many parents leave no stone unturned in getting their students admitted to our school. Following is the step-by-step admissions procedure. Some of the best schools in Pallavaram have adapted the following process for admission.

Submitting an online application

In the wake of the newly digitalized era, we have also kept the option of taking applications online. The parents can also visit the schools physically to explore the campus and see the infrastructure, well-equipped classrooms, etc. There is anxiety amongst various students and parents as they are in the haste of getting admitted to the schools as soon as possible. The admission process involves many factors such as submitting applications, shortlisting various candidates into the first round and second round, and then the final admission is done.


Constant updates are sent to the parents via text and email. The parents should keep an eye out for updates. The application form should be filled up properly as it is the blueprint for the faculty. The email id written at the time of admission in the admission form will be used for all correspondences.

After that, the final enrolment is completed. The email Id one submits should be the email id that is in use as the change in the email Id will not be permitted at all. The institute communicates constantly with the parents so that they should be aware of the status of the admission. When the application form is submitted and the online payment process is completed by the candidate, an automated email is sent to the registered email id which has been mentioned in the form. This is email is sent regarding the confirmation of the application. Applicants are advised to use the VGI Query Management System (VGI-QMS).

Resolving all your queries

You can resolve all your queries by clicking on the about us section and then clicking on Ask us, in the dashboard. There is a helpdesk team that will be 24*7 at your disposal to help you clear all the doubts. There will be many queries to choose from in the query category. You can select your relevant query and submit it. Your concern will be addressed and resolved as soon as possible.

It will be communicated to you via email or text message. Our team is at the forefront of resolving all your doubts and queries and shall leave no turn unturned in seeing that you have the best experience communicating with us!

Thus, first, the candidate should register himself, verify the email, fill the application form online, pay the application fee, and then submit the application. To know further about us, visit on-

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