Top Reasons To Pursue B. Tech At UEM Kolkata

Top Reasons To Pursue B. Tech At UEM Kolkata

If you want to pursue B. Tech, and that too in Kolkata, there are quite a few colleges that crop up in your mind. It stands for Bachelor of Technology and is an undergraduate professional engineering degree that candidates earn after four years of education. Engineering being one of the most popular courses in India, it does make sense to pursue engineering today from one of the most prestigious institutes. UEM Kolkata happens to be the best B. Tech college from where you can pursue the course.

But before going into the reasons for pursuing a B. Tech degree from the above college, it makes sense to get some more information on the subject.

More On B. Tech Degrees

Many students and their parents are looking for the best B. Tech college, today. It is a degree that has gained a lot of popularity lately. So, it is no wonder that students are making a beeline to get this degree. The degree is offered across various specializations, like Mechanical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Marine Engineering, and many more. Computer Science Engineering is also quite popular today, owing to the job prospects. Thus, engineering colleges have high cut-off marks as a prerequisite for admission to such courses. For the unversed, B. Tech is a more skill-based course than B.E.

Reasons to Choose UEM Kolkata For B. Tech

There are many reasons why UEM is considered the Best B. Tech college. Choosing the right engineering college is a must, as your whole career is dependent on this selection. So, you should check out the below reasons why you should go for a renowned college like UEM.

  1. Specialization Offered – Before finalizing the college, it makes sense to find out what specializations are offered at the college. This college seems to be on top when it comes to the variety of specializations offered. You can choose from Computer Science, Civil Engineering, Electrical Engineering, and many more. So, you can say that it is truly the Best B. Tech college.

  2. Entrance Examination – There is a huge craze among students to enter engineering colleges today. With a growing number of students and fewer seats, competition can be really tough at times. Thus, you need to seek expert guidance on the entrance examination required to gain entry to a college of repute. A B. Tech college in Kolkata considers the scores of IEMJEE, JEE Main, and WBJEE. IEMJEE is an entrance examination that is exclusive to the college. The admission happens on collective evaluation of the student.

  3. Faculty – Before seeing any more features, most students and their guardians check the background and qualifications of the faculty. Teachers play a huge role in imparting quality education. The Best B. Tech college will always have top teachers from the best institutes. Moreover, the course curriculum is also as per the current work prospects.

  4. Internships Offered – It is another criterion on which students can base their selection of the Best B. Tech college. Many top companies have offered students internships lately. And that is something important here. Genpact and Capital Box are amongst the companies that offer such roles.

  5. Placements – While choosing the B. Tech college, it is important that one checks the placement records of the college. UEM Kolkata gets full marks on that front. Companies like TCS, Wipro, and IBM absorb the candidates. The highest salary package offered lately was 40 LPA. That is an astounding figure.

While choosing the top B. Tech college in Kolkata, you must keep these reasons in mind. Choosing an undergraduate degree is a basic foundation that can make or break your career. So, choose a college for B. Tech after careful consideration. Your life will change for the better.

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