Scope and Career Opportunities for Hotel Management Students

Hotel Management, Tourism, and Hospitality are very similar work fields that combine to come under ‘Hotel Management’ by most people. Another reason for this is whether you are pursuing a travel and tourism course, a course in hotel management, or even if you are pursuing a hospitality course, then the chances are high that you will require good knowledge of the other two.

Hotel Management is pretty popular among the students in general; there are so many career choices for everyone to make both at the national and international markets. This article will visit six career opportunities for a hotel management student. 

There are various great career opportunities for a hotel management student because both Hospitality and Hotel Management holds a significant share in the service sector. Also, travel and tourism are essential in India as it supports around 8% of total employment here. Sufficient to say that Hotel management is one of the largest service sectors in India, and every year lakhs of students enroll in this course in various institutes. So, here are six possible career opportunities for a Hotel Management student.

Working in a five-star Hotel/ Resort/ Spa: 

Resorts and Hotels are the leading employers of Hotel management graduates. It is excellent for freshers as it offers excellent career opportunities and helps them gain valuable experience in various operations. Hotels are generally great for freshers or novices as they are more inclined to accept them for training purposes than any other industry.

So as a hotel management graduate, initially, you should look towards various top-notch hotels for employment purposes. There are multiple roles for you to take up according to your specialization; from room services to supervisor, there are a variety of jobs for you to take up both in domestic and foreign markets.

Clubs/ Restaurants/ Bars: 

Most Hotel Management graduates aspire to become a chef, so if you have a specialization in culinary, then you can start working in Restaurants, Bars, and Clubs and live your dream life making exotic food. Restaurants and Bars mainly recruit either kitchen staff or for the managerial post.

So if you do not have specialization in culinary skills, you can apply for managerial posts as a new graduate. Most of the other posts in the restaurants do not require any former training. If you are working in a restaurant as a graduate with culinary skills, then there are chances that you might be underpaid as you have no previous experience. But after you gain experience there, you can apply to a top-notch restaurant and earn an excellent raise.

Airline kitchen or Inflight operation: 

Airlines are another primary employer of management graduates. Most airlines hire graduates from prestigious institutes with diplomas, degrees, or certificates in Hotel Management courses. Every year, they employ many graduates in both in-flight services and as kitchen staff. Airlines are known for their better paying job; as a hotel management graduate, services in the airline would be an excellent choice for you. Not only will you get great pay, but you can also visit various countries while working with them. Working in an airline comes with other sparks as well. 

Cruise liner: 

Cruise liners are glamorous for hotel management graduates; hence, they deserve their category. Not only can you experience the lavish lifestyle while working on a cruise, but also you get to travel the world by the beautiful waters while looking at the breathtaking scenarios.

Not only will you get to travel, but if you get employed on one of those cruises, you will receive exceptionally great pay. But one of the downsides of the job is that you might have to overwork most of the time, as you are basically on work for 24*7 while onboard. Most freshers take up a cruise job as people with experience tend to go for more stable job opportunities. 

Fast-food chains: 

Fast-food chains are growing exponentially in our country. Fast-food chain restaurants are opening every day in various cities and towns. As a result, they will need human resources to meet the demand. As a Hotel Management graduate, you can look for management and executive roles in such fast food companies as anything below that does not require any degree in general.

Navy/ Army Hospitality and Catering Services: 

The land and naval wings of the defense forces open posts requiring catering and hospitality services. As per the army, you will require a certificate or diploma in either catering technology or hotel management. But for the Navy, you only need to complete class 10 to apply for these jobs. 


So, studying hotel management can be very beneficial, as you can live your dream life of visiting various exotic places on earth as a living. There are many hotel management institutes in India; Krystal School of Excellence is one.

It is famous for its courses in culinary art and patisserie, and it has had great success in the field of Aviation. For more information, you can visit the website. If you dream of seeing every place on the earth, then studying Hotel Management can assure you many opportunities, so enroll now.

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