Expert Advise on Best international schools in Mumbai


Kohinoor International School, the best school in Mumbaihas served in the education sector since 1961. The School is best known for its well-planned infrastructure and commitment to delivering the best quality education to the younger generation. Primary, middle, and high school levels of education are available in this esteemed institution. The School develops the confidence level in the students at a very young age and makes them realize their responsibility as a student towards the community. Interactive teaching sessions and collaborative teaching techniques are the specialties of joining this School. 

Advise On Expert Schools:

Specific factors need to be considered by the parents before selecting the best international school for their child’s schooling. These factors determine the child’s learning ability and play a significant role in achieving the best output. Here is some expert advice parents can follow to select the international School.


Check for the international curriculum and the School’s affiliation to confirm the syllabus pattern. The international curriculum aims to build global citizens where students can connect with the worldwide community. Students remain more responsible by understanding their responsibilities, the interrelatedness of the nations, and the complexity of their relationships. 


It is essential to check the staff qualification to see whether they can manage the international syllabus and impart the qualities described in it. Teachers must be qualified to handle children from different countries as it is an international school. They must make the students feel comfortable with the approach and academics.


One of the main aspects to consider in the international School is its infrastructure. The School should have proper ventilation, aerated or air-conditioned rooms, a library facility, auditoriums, a playground, an internet connection, and a science and computer lab facility. Apart from these, the international School must have the best sanitary and canteen facility for the sake of the students.


It is necessary to check the results of the School in the past years. The result is proof of the performance of the School in academics. It gives trust in the parents to join such schools.

Past Records:

It is also crucial to check the record of the School as it plays a vital role in gaining a reputation. It is a common fact that parents get attracted to reputed schools. Hence, it becomes mandatory to check for the importance of the School by studying its records. 

Dining Hall:

Check whether the School has a well-maintained dining hall. Hygienic dining halls contribute more to a child’s health. Hence it is crucial to check for the cleanliness of the dining hall for the health sake of the kids. 

Well-Maintained Toilets:

It is the most crucial factor to consider before selecting an international school. Some schools bare the name board as international but lack the basic facilities. Proper and hygienically maintained toilets are crucial to freeing students from health issues. 

It is the expert advice for parents to consider all these factors in international schools. Check all these factors and join your kids once you get satisfied with all these mentioned factors.


Kohinoor International School is the best international school in Mumbai, and it meets all the expectations and the factors mentioned above. Your child can experience the best schooling on this campus. The curriculum is extraordinary, and your child can gain all the necessary qualities to become a good citizen. The fee structure is also affordable, and it is worth spending on the quality education given by the School. Contact the administration sector to gather more information about the joining procedure and the admission process. Your queries are considered and answered by the relevant department.

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